Kingston 1GB PC2100 266hz DDR Desktop Memory KVR266X64C2/1G

GST included

Kingston 1GB PC2100 266hz DDR Desktop Memory KVR266X64C2/1G


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CONFIGURATION 64Mx8 chips (16 chips)
PACKAGING Anti-Static packaging
WARRANTY Limited Lifetime Warranty




Compatible with:

Acer:  Acer S82MA Motherboard, AcerPower APSC-U-C1701, APSD-U-C1800, APSD-U-N1600, APSD-U-N1601, APSD-U-N1800, APSD-U-N1801, APSD-U-N1802, APSD-U-N2000, APSD-U-N2001, APSD-U-N2400, APSD-U-N2401, APSD-U-N2402, APSD-U-N2403, APSP-U-C2000, APSP-U-N2400, APSP-U-N2401, APSP-U-N2403, APSV-U-C2400, APSV-U-C2502, APSV-U-N2600, APSV-U-N2601, APSV-U-N2606, APSV-U-N2608, Sd Series, Sd APSd-U-N1601 (non-ECC), Sd C1701 P4 1.7GHz, Sd C1800 Celeron 1.8GHz, Sd N1800 P4 1.8GHz, Sd N1801 P4, Sd N1802 P4 1.7GHz, Sd N2000 P4 2GHz, Sd N2400 P4 2GHz, Sd N2001 P4 2GHz, Sd N2401 P4 2.4GHz, Sd N2402 P4 2.4GHz, SD-U-N1800 (non-ECC), SD-U-N1801 (non-ECC), SD-U-N1802 (non-ECC), SLE-AL, SLE-M, SP Series, ST, STB (STB015, STB016, STB017, STB018, STB019), SV, Aspire 1700, 1702, 1702SC, 1703, 1703ESC, 1703ESM, 1703SC, 1703SM, 1704SM, 1705, 1705SCI, 1705SMI, 3300C, 3300D, 3300S, 8000, 8100 XP, 8200, ASEL-20CWFIX, B300, ELD, G500, G505, G510, G600 Series, G600HC, aG600LX, G600MC, G600p Series, M500 Series, M500p Series, RC500L, T100 Series, T300 Series, Veriton 3300 Pentium 4, 3300D, 3300D Pentium 4, 3300D-N1500A, 3300D-N1700A, 3500 Pentium 4 Series, 3500G Pentium 4 Series, 5200D Pentium 4 Series, 5200D N1600A, 5200D N1600B, 5200D N1600W, 5200D N1700A, 5200D N1700B, 5200D N1700D, 5200D N1700W, 5200D N1800A, 5200D N1800D, 5200D N1802C, 5200D N1900A, 5200D N2000A, 5200D N2001C, 5200D N2400A, 5500 Pentium 4 series, 5500G Pentium 4 Series, 7200D-N1600A, 7200D-N1600B, 7200D-N1600W, 7200D-N1700A, 7200D-N1700B, 7200D-N1700D, 7200D-N1700W, 7200D-N1800A, 7200D-N1800D, 7200D-N1801A, 7200D-N1802C, 7200D-N1803C, 7200D-N1900A, 7200D-N1901C, 7200D-N1902C, 7200D-N2000A, 7200D-N2001A, 7200D-N2001C, 7200D-N2002A, 7200D-N2003A, 7200D-N2003C, 7200D-N2004A, 7200D-N2400A, 7200D-N2400C, 7200D-N2403C, 7216D, 7500 Pentium 4 Series, 7500G Pentium 4 Series, VT3500G-C-(N2000-N2600), VT3500G-S, VT3500G-U, VT5500-U, VT5500-C-N1700, VT5500G-C, VT5500G-S, VT5500G-S-N2005, VT5500G-U, VT7200D, VT7200D-00107, Veriton 7500GE, VT7500-C-(C1700-C1800), VT7500-C-N1800, VT7500-C-N2000, VT7500-C-N2001, VT7500-C-N2051, VT7500-C-N2401, VT7500-C-N2402, VT7500-C-N2450, VT7500-U, VT7500-U-C2000, VT7500G-C, VT7500G-S, VT7500G-U. 


Acer Desktop


Acer Laptop:

Acer Aspire 1700 series 1702, 1703, 1705 *DDR*


NetVista 6824, 6826, A30 6824-xxx, A30 8324-xxx, A30p 2289, M42 8181-xxx, M42 8182-xxx, M42 8301-xxx, M42 8302-xxx, M42 8303-xxx, M42 8304-xxx, M42 8305-xxx, M42 8306-xxx, M42 8307-xxx, M42 8308-xxx, S42 8317-xxx, S42 8318-xxx, S42 8319-xxx, SurePOS 500-W33, 500-W43, 500-W53, 500-W63, 500-W73, WA3, 521, 531, 541, 551, 561, 700-C41, SurePOS 741, 781, 4800-781, 4800-C41, 4800-W41, 4800-W81, 4840-5A3, 4840-56Z, 4840-573, 4840-533, 4840-543, 4840-544, 4840-553, 4840-563, 4840-W33, 4840-W43, 4840-W53, 4840-W63, 4840-W73, 4840-WA3, 4846-545, 4846-565, 4851-514, 4851-E14, 4910-33D, 4910-33S, 4951-514, ThinkCentre A30 2296 (DDR-266MHz), A30 8191 (DDR-266MHz), A30 8198 (DDR-266MHz), A30 8199 (DDR-266MHz), A30 8316 (DDR-266MHz), A30 8434 (DDR-266MHz).


Compaq Presario 5000T Series (DDR), Hewlett Packard Media Center


894c, 894c-b, Pavilion 304W, 354n, 374n,, 403,,,, 413,, 422,, 423,, 423.NL,,,,, 431, 432,,, 433,,,,,, 442.Fr, 443.FR,,,,,, 452.UK, 454,,,, 462,, 463,,, 464,,, 481, 482,, 483, 483.Fr, 491,, 492, 492.Fr,, 503a, 503G, 503k, 503n, 503w, 503X, 505n, 512a, 512c, 512d, 513, 513a, 513c, 513d, 513g, 513m, 513n, 513t, 513w, 513x, 514X, 522a, 523a, 523K, 523n, 523w, 524W, 530k, 530n, 530t, 532w, 533a, 533c, 533w, 540n, 542x, 543x, 544n, 551w, 552, 552w, 552x, 553x, 554E, 554e CTO, 555e (CTO), 560w, 562, 563w, 564W, 701 configurable, 702k, 703C, 703k, 711a, 712a, 712k, 713a, 713C, 713k, 714K,, 720a, 720A.NL, 720A.SE, 720d, 721a, 721d, 722, 722a, 722d, 722k, 723a, 723d, 723k, 724C,, 724.NL, 730, 730d, 730k, 731a, 731k, 732, 732a, 732c, 732d, 732k, 732m,, 733B, 733k, 733a, 733d, 733M, 733N, 734.FR, 734k, 734.NL, 734v, 735.ES,, 740, 740d, 740k, 740n, 741d, 741k, 741k (AP), 742c,, 742k, 742m, 742n, 742t,, 743c, 743d,, 743k, 743M, 743.NL, 743T,,, 744c, 744k, 750, 750c, 750k, 750n,, 751, 751k, 751n, 751x, 752c, 752k, 752m, 752n,, 752w, 753d,, 753k, 753n,,, 754k, 754n, 760, 760c, 760d, 760n, 760s, 760.SE, 760t, 761, 761c, 761 CTO, 761d,, 761k, 762, 762d,,,,, 763c, 763n,,,, 764.IT, 764C, 764d, 764k, 764X, 770, 770c, 770k, 770.NO, 770.SE, 771, 771k, 771n,,, 772t, 773 configurable,, 773c, 773K,, 773T,, 774E,,, 774e CTO, 774Y, 774y D7218G CTO,, 775Y, 780, 780d, 780n, 781, 781c, 781d, 781K, 781.NO, 781.SE, 782c,,,,,, 783c, 783K, 783n,,,,,,, 784.NO, 784c, 784n, 784v, 790, 790k, 790n, 790.NL, 790.SE, 790t, 791, 791c, 791d, 791k,,, 792m,,, 793, 793c,, 793K,, 794C,, 854N, 816n, 844n, 884n, 894C, 900, 901, 950, 951, 980, 980c, 990c, 7900, 8996,,, A207m,,,, a250y D7219P CTO PC2100, a300y D7222C CTO, A305w-b, a310e D7222A CTO PC2100, A335w, A340a, A400N, A400Y, A400y (CTO), A410n, A410Y, A410y (CTO), A450a, A500y, A500y (CTO),,,,,,,,,, A610Y, A709L, a720i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, t152k, t108k, t218d,, Vectra VL430 Desktop, VL430 Minitower, VL430 Small Form Factor.

KTH5300/1G, KTC-PR266/1G


Dell: Dimension 2350, Dimension 2400 , OptiPlex 170L, OptiPlex GX60, OptiPlex L60, OptiPlex SX260, Precision Workstation 450, Precision Workstation 450


Biostar: 865G Micro 775 (V7.0), 865GV Micro 775, 915P-A7 Combo, EDEQ 2100, EDEQ 4000, I865G-M4, I865G-M7, I86PE-A4, I86PE-A7, I915G-M7, I915P-A7, IDEQ 200N, IDEQ 200NB, iDEQ 200V / 200VB, iDEQ 210M, iDEQ 210V, K8T800-A7A, K8T89-A7, K8VHA PRO, M7NCD, M7NCD PRO, M7NCD Ultra, M7NCD Ultra (8.x), M7NCG, M7NCG 400, M7NCG 400 (7.x), M7NCG PRO, M7SUA, M7SXD, M7SXF, M7SXG, M7TDE, M7VIB, M7VIB-A, M7VIF, M7VIG, M7VIG 400, M7VIG 400 (7.x), M7VIG Pro-D, M7VIG-D, M7VIK, M7VIP, M7VIP PRO, M7VIQ, M7VIT, M7VIT 800, M7VIT 800 V7.X, M7VIT Bravo, M7VIT Grand, M7VIT PRO, M7VIW, M7VIW-D, M7VIZ, M7VIZ V8.X, M7VKQ PRO, P4ARA, P4ARA-M, P4M800 Pro-M7 Combo, P4M80-M7, P4SDL, P4SDR, P4SXQ, P4TDG, P4TDH, P4TDP, P4TDP PRO, P4TDQ, P4TDQ PRO, P4TDQ-V, P4TGE, P4TGT, P4TGV, P4TGV-R, P4TGV-R v7.x, P4TPE 800, P4TPE Pro, P4TPT, P4TPT v7.5, P4TPT800, P4TSE, P4TSE PRO, P4TSG PRO, P4TSV, P4VTB, P4VTC, PT880 Pro-A7 Combo, U8068, U8568, U8568 PRO, U8569, U8668, U8668 D, U8668 GRAND, U8668 PRO, U8668-D v1, U8668-D v4/5, U8668-D v6, U8668-D v7.x, U8768, U8788, U8798, U8868  A7A266, A7M266, A7M266-D/PA Motherboard (non-ECC), A7N8X, A7N8X Deluxe, A7N8X-E, A7N8X-E Deluxe, A7N8X-VM, A7N8X-VM/400, A7N8X-X, A7N266-VX, A7S266-VM, A7S333, A7S333-X, A7V8X, A7V8X-MX, A7V8X-MX SE, A7V266, A7V266-E, A7V266-M, A7V266-MX, A7S266-VM/U2 (DDR), A7V333-X, A7V600 SE, AP130-D Server, AP130-D5 Server, P5P800 SE Mainboard, BAREBONE TERMINATOR C3, CUV266, CUV266-DLS DDR, DigiMatrix SFF Media Center, P4333-VF, P4333-VM, P4B266, P4B266-C, P4B266-M, P4B266-E, P4B266-SE, P4B533, P4B533-E, P4B533-M, P4B533-V, P4B533-VM, P4B533-X, P4BGL-MX, P4BGL-MX/533, P4BGL-VM, P4BGV-MX, P4G8X, P4G8X Deluxe, P4G8X DELUXE GOLD (non-ECC), P4G800-V, P4GE-V, P4GE-VM, P4P800, P4P800 Deluxe, P4P800 SE, P4P800S, P4P800S SE, P4P800S-E Deluxe, P4P800-VM, P4PE, P4PE BP (Black Pearl), P4PE-X, P4PE-X/SE, P4PE-X/TE, P4S-X, P4S8X, P4S8X-X, P4S333, P4S333-FX, P4S333-VF, P4S333-VM, P4S533, P4S533-E, P4S533-MX, P4S533-VM, P4S533-X, P4S800, P4S800-MX, P4S800D, P4S800D-E Deluxe, P4SDX, P4SE, P4SE/U2, P4SGL-MX, P4SGL-MX, P4SGL-VM, P4SGX-MX, P4V8X-X, P4V533-MX, P4V533-VM, P4V800-X, P4VP-MX, P4XP-X, Prodigy P4b, P4BL, P4S, Pundit Desktop, T2-P Desktop, A7M266, A7S266-VM/U2, A7S266-U2, A7S266-VM (DDR), CUV266-D Motherboard, T2-P Desktop, Terminator K7 DDR Motherboard, P4B533-E Mainboard (non-ECC), P4B533-V Motherboard, P4B533-X Motherboard, P4BGL-ED Motherboard, P4BGL-MX Motherboard, P4BGL-MX/533 Motherboard, P4BGL-VM Motherboard, P4S533VX Motherboard, P4S533-X (DDR) Motherboard, P4SC Motherboard, P4SGL-MX Motherboard, P4SGL-VM Motherboard, P4V533-MX Motherboard, P4V533-VM Motherboard, P4VP-MX Motherboard, P4XP-X (DDR) Motherboard, P4P800-E Deluxe Motherboard, P4S-LA Motherboard, P4S333-VF Motherboard, P4S333-VM Motherboard, Prodigy P4B, Prodigy P4BL, Prodigy P4S.


AK77 Pro A Motherboard, AX4GR Memory, AX4L, AX4L-N, AX4LR, AX4R Plus, AX37 Plus, AX37 Pro, AOPEN Black Silence, AOPEN Black Tube, i845GA-X1 Motherboard, MK7A, MK7A AMD761 Motherboard, MK77, MK77M, MK77M-V, MK77M II Motherboard, MX4B, MX4BR-533 Motherboard, MX4G, MX4GV, MX4GVR-GN Motherboard, MX4LR, MX4L Motherboard, MX4LR-GN Motherboard, MX36CE Motherboard, MX46, MX46L, MX46 U2, MX46U2-GN, MX46U2-VN.



1Gb module which is compatible across a range of systems. Top quality product at an affordable price. ALLCOMPONENTS memory is manufactured using only selected memory chips to ensure best performance and reliability.


This 1Gb module is a double-sided memory module with 16 chips. Backed by Transcends limited lifetime warrany and technical support