Kingston 2GB DDR2 PC2-4200 533MHz Desktop Memory Ram KVR533D2N4/2G
  • Kingston 2GB DDR2 PC2-4200 533MHz Desktop Memory Ram KVR533D2N4/2G

Kingston 2GB DDR2 PC2-4200 533MHz Desktop Memory Ram KVR533D2N4/2G

GST included

Kingston 2GB DDR2 PC2-4200 533MHz Desktop Memory Ram KVR533D2N4/2G

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 PC2-4200 (533MHz)




 533MHz (DDR2-533)














 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM


 Double-sided 2GB


 Anti-Static packaging


 Lifetime warranty



2x 2GB DDR2 533MHz memory module for desktop systems. PC2-4200 standard, 240 pins, non-ECC. CL4 memory module. Suitable for dual channel operation if installed in pairs.

By 1.8V low-voltage application, DDR2 modules can reduce about 50% power consumption, which is compared with 2.5V (DDR) power supply on the same operation speed. So it is an environment-friendly product. In order to achieve so amazing high operation speed


Compared with DDR, DDR2 owns four key technologies pave the way to high-speed operation and low power consumption.

  • Compatible with ASUS A8M2N-LA (NODUS-GL8E)
    (DDR2-533), A8M2N-LA (NAOS-GL6) (DDR2-533MHz) MOTHERBOARDS, A8M2N-LA
    (PYRITE-GL8E) (DDR2-533MHz) MOTHERBOARDS, AT3GC-I Motherboard, ASUS Barebone
    Nova P20 (DDR2-533MHz), Barebone Nova P22 (DDR2-533MHz), Barebone P3-PE5
    (DDR2-533MHz), BAREBONE P2-P5945G (DDR2-533MHz), Barebone T2-PH2 (DDR2-533MHz)
    (non-ECC), Barebone V2-M2NC61P (DDR2-533MHz), Barebone V2-PE3 (DDR II), V2-PH1
    (DDR2-533MHz), V2-PH2 (DDR2-533MHz), Barebone V3-M2NC61P (DDR2-533MHz), BM2220
    Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), Essentio CM5570 (DDR2-533MHz), IPIBL-LB (BENICIA-GL8E)
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), IPIBL-TX (BURBANK-GL8E) Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz),
    Motherboard (DDR2-400MHz), IPILP-LC (LANCASTER-GL6) Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz),
    (DDR2-533MHz), BLITZ FORMULA Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz),
  •  Commando Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), CROSSHAIR Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), Crosshair II
    Formula (DDR2-533MHz) (ECC), Crosshair II Formula (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC),
    G-SURF365 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), HONOLULU Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz),
    L1N64-SLI WS Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2A-MVP Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2A-MX Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), M2A-VM Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2A-VM HDMI Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2N
    (DDR2-533MHz), M2N 1394 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), M2N-CM DVI Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2N DH Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), M2N-E SLI Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2N-LR Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), M2N-MX Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2N-MX SE (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2N-MX SE PLUS
    MOTHERBOARDS (DDR2-533MHz), M2N-NVM Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), M2N-Plus SLI
    Vista Edition Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2N-TVM Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), M2N5-BN MOTHERBOARDS (DDR2-533MHz), M2N-SLI Deluxe (DDR2-533MHz)
    (non-ECC), M2N4-SLI Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2N4-SLI Green
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2N8-VMX (DDR2-533MHz), M2N32-SLI Deluxe/Wireless
    Edition (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2N32-SLI Premium Vista Edition (DDR2-533MHz)
    (non-ECC), M2N32-WS Professional Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2N-E
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2NBP-VM CSM Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC),
    M2NPV-MX Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2N-VM Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz),
    M2N-VM DH (DDR2-533MHz), M2NPV-VM (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2N/TELESKY
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2N-E SLI GREEN (DDR2-533MHz) MOTHERBOARDS
    (non-ECC), M2N-SLI (DDR2-533MHz) MOTHERBOARDS (non-ECC), M2N-TE (DDR2-533MHz)
    HDMI Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), M2N-X PLUS (DDR2-533MHz) MOTHERBOARDS (non-ECC),
    M2N-X Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz)(non-ECC), M2N-XE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz),
    M2N61-AR (ACACIA-GL6E) Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), M2N61-LA (NYSSA-GL6)
    (DDR2-533MHz), M2N68 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2N68-AM Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2N68-CM Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2N68-LA
    (IVY-GL6) (DDR2-533MHz) MOTHERBOARDS, M2N68-LA (IVY8-GL6) Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), M2N68-LA (NARRA-GL8E) MOTHERBOARDS (DDR2-533MHz), M2N68-LA
    (NARRA2-GL8E) MOTHERBOARDS (DDR2-533MHz), M2N68-LA (NARRA3-GL8E) Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), M2N68 SE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2N68-VM
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2N78-LA (VIOLA-GL8E) Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), M2NS-NVM MOTHERBOARDS (DDR2-533MHz), M2R-MVP (DDR2-533MHz)
    (non-ECC), M2R32-MVP (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2S-X Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz)(non-ECC), M2V Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2V-MX
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2V-MX SE (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M2V-X
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M3A Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), M3A-H Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M3A32-MVP Deluxe Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC),
    M3A32-MVP WiFi-AP Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), M3A76-CM Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz)
    (non-ECC), M3A78 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M3A78-CM Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M3A78-EH Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M3A78-EM
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M3A78-EMH HDMI Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz)
    (non-ECC), M3A78 PRO Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M3A78-T Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M3A78-VM Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M3A79-T
    Deluxe Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M3N-H/HDMI Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz)
    (non-ECC), M3N-HT Deluxe Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), M3N72-D Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M3N78 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M3N78-AM
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M3N78-CM Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz),
    M3N78-EH Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M3N78-EMH HDMI Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M3N78 PRO Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M3N78 SE
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), M3N78-VM Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz)
    (non-ECC), Maximus II Formula Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), Maximus II GENE
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), MOCA-AR (CALCITE-GL8E) MOTHERBOARDS (DDR2-533MHz),
    N4L-VM DH Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), P1-AH2 (DDR2-533MHz), P1-P5945GCX
    (DDR2-533MHz), P1-PH1 Motherboard, P1-P5945GC (DDR2-533MHz), P2-M2A690G
    (DDR2-533MHz), P2-M3A3200 (DDR2-533MHz, P2-P5945GC (DDR2-533MHz), P2-P5945GCX
    (DDR2-533MHz), P3-AE5 (DDR2-533MHz), P3-PE5 (DDR2-533MHz), P3-P5G33
    (DDR2-533MHz), P3-PH4 (DDR2-533MHz), P3-PH4C (DDR2-533MHz), P3-PH5 Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P3-PH5X (DDR2-533MHz), P5BV-C Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz)
    (non-ECC), P5BV-E/SAS Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), P5BV/SAS Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), P5AD2 Deluxe (DDR2-533MHz) Mainboard, P5AD2-E
    Mainboard, P5AD2-E Deluxe (DDR2-533MHz) Mainboard, P5AD2 Premium (DDR2-533MHz)
    Mainboard, P5AD2-E Premium (DDR2-533MHz) Mainboard, P5B Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5B Deluxe/WiFi-AP Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5B-E
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5B-E Plus Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5B-MX Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5B-MX/WiFi-AP Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5B-Plus Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5B-Plus Vista Edition Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5B Premium
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5B Premium Vista Edition Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz),
    P5B-V (DDR2-533MHz), P5B-VM (DDR2-533MHz), P5B-VM DO (DDR2-533MHz), P5B-VM SE
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5B/TeleSky (DDR2-533MHz), P5BW-LA (BASSWOOD3G-UL8E)
    MOTHERBOARDS (DDR2-533MHz), P5BW-LA (Basswood) Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz),
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5E WS PROFESSIONAL MOTHERBOARDS (DDR2-533MHz),
    P5GC-MX Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5GC-MX/1333 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz),
    P5GC-MX (FSB 1066) Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5GC-MX/GBL Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5GC-MX (R2.02) Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5GC-MX (R3)
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5GC-TVM-SI (DDR2-533MHz), P5GC-VM (DDR2-533MHz),
    P5GC-VM PRO (DDR2-533MHz), P5GD2 (DDR2-533MHz) Mainboard, P5GD2 Basic
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5GD2 Deluxe (DDR2-533MHz) Mainboard, P5GD2 Premium
    (DDR2-533MHz) Mainboard, P5GD2 PRO (DDR2-533MHz), P5GD2-TVM (DDR2-533MHz),
    P5GD2-VM (DDR2-533MHz), P5GD2-X (DDR2-533MHz) Mainboard, P5GDC Deluxe
    (DDR2-533MHz) Mainboard, P5GDC-Pro, P5GDC Pro (DDR2-533MHz) Mainboard, P5GDC-V
    Deluxe (DDR2-533MHz) Mainboard, P5GZ-MX Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5G-MX
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5K-E Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5KPL/1600
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5KPL-E (DDR2-533MHz), P5K PRO (DDR2-533MHz), P5L7T
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5L-MX/IPAT Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5LD2-C (DDR2-533MHz),
    P5LD2-C/IPAT Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5LD2-MQ (DDR2-533MHz), P5LD2-X
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5LD2-X/1333 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5L 1394
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5LD2 (DDR2-533MHz) Mainboard, P5LD2 Deluxe (DDR2-533MHz)
    Mainboard, P5LD2 (R2.0) Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5LD2-SE Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5LD2-V (DDR2-533MHz), P5LD2-VM (DDR2-533MHz) Mainboard, P5LD2-VM
    (3.00G) Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5LD2-VM (4.00G) Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz),
    P5LD2-VM DH Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5LD2-X/GBL Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz),
    P5L-MX (DDR2-533MHz), P5LP-LE (DDR2-533MHz) Mainboard, P5L-VM 1394
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5LP-VX Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5M2-E Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5M2-E/4L Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), P5M2P-E/4L
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5M2 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), P5M2-M
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), P5M2-M/C Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz)
    (non-ECC), P5M2/SAS Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), P5MT Mainboard
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), P5MT-C (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), P5MT-M Mainboard
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), P5MT/SCSI Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), P5MT-MX/C
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), P5MT-S (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), P5N-E SLI Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5N-EM HDMI Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5N-MX (DDR2-533MHz),
    P5N7A-VM Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5N32-SLI Deluxe Mainboard, P5N32-SLI
    Premium/WiFi-AP (DDR2-533MHz), P5N32-E SLI Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5N32-E
    SLI Plus Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5N73-AM Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5N73-CM
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5N-D Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5ND2 SE Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5ND2-SLI Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5ND2-SLI Deluxe
    (DDR2-533MHz) Mainboard, P5NSLI (DDR2-533MHz) Mainboard, P5N-T Motherboard
    DELUXE (DDR2-533MHz), P5NT WS Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5PL2 (DDR2-533MHz),
    P5PL2-E (DDR2-533MHz), P5Q Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5Q Premium Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5Q Pro Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5Q SE Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5Q SE Plus Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5Q SE/R Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5Q SE2 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5Q WS Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5Q-E/WIFI-AP Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5Q-EM Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5Q-EM DO Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5Q-VM Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5QL Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5QL-CM Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5QL-E Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5QL-EM Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5QL Pro Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5QPL-VM Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5RC-LA (AGENA-GL8E) Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5RD2-TVM
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5RD2-VM (DDR2-533MHz) Mainboard, P5SD2-A Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5SD2-VM Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5SD2-X (DDR2-533MHz),
    P5SD2-X SE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5S-MX/WIFI-AP Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz),
    P5S-MX SE (DDR2-533MHz), P5SD2-TM-5A (DDR2-533MHz), P5VD2-MX SE Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5V-VM DH Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5VDC-MX (DDR2-533MHz)
    Mainboard, P5VD2-MX Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5VD2-X, P5VD2-VM Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5VD2-VM SE (DDR2-533MHz), P5VDC-TVM TE (DDR2-533MHz), P5VDC-X
    Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5V-VM SE DH Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P5V-VM-ULTRA
    (DDR2-533MHz), P5W Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), P5W64 WS Professional
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), P5WD2 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), P5WD2 Premium
    Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), P5WD2-E Premium (DDR2-533MHz) Mainboard
    (non-ECC), P5W DH Deluxe (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), P5WDG2-WS (DDR2-533MHz)
    (non-ECC), P5WDG2 WS PRO/WIFI-AP Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), PTGD-LA
    (GOLDFISH3-GL8E) (DDR2-533MHz), PTGD2-LA (DDR2-533MHz) Mainboard, PTGD2-VX
    (DDR2-533MHz), PTGV-DM (ONYX2-GL8E) (DDR2-533MHz), PTGV-LA (GRAFITO)
    (DDR2-533MHz), PTGV-LM (DDR2-533MHz), Pundit P1-PH1 (DDR2-533MHz), Rampage
    Formula Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), RIO 4 (IPA60-LA 1.0) Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), RS100-X5/PI2 Server (DDR2-533MHz), RS120-E3 Server (non-ECC)
    (DDR2-533MHz), RS120-E3/PA4 Server (non-ECC) (DDR2-533MHz), Striker Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), Striker Extreme (DDR2-533MHz), Sydney (M2N-NM) Motherboard
    (DDR2-533MHz), T3-AH1 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), T3-M3N8200
    (DDR2-533MHz), T3-P5G965A (DDR2-533MHz), T3-P5945GC (DDR2-533MHz), T3-P5945GCX
    (DDR2-533MHz), TS100-E3/PI2 Server (non-ECC) (DDR2-533MHz), TS300-E3 Server
    (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), V2-AH2 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz) (non-ECC), V2-M2A690G
    (DDR2-533MHz), V2-M2NC61S (DDR2-533MHz), V2-M2V890 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz),
    V2-M3A3200 (DDR2-533MHz), V2-P5G33 (DDR2-533MHz), V2-P5G965 (DDR2-533MHz),
    V2-P5V900 (DDR2-533MHz), V2-P5945G (DDR2-533MHz), V2-P5945GC (DDR2-533MHz),
    V2-PE2 (DDR2-533MHz), V2-PH1, V3-M2A690G (DDR2-533MHz), V3-M2NC61S
    (DDR2-533MHz), V3-M2V890 (DDR2-533MHz), V3-P5G33 (DDR2-533MHz), V3-P5G965
    (DDR2-533MHz), V3-P5V900 (DDR2-533MHz), V3-P5945G (DDR2-533MHz), V3-P5945GC
    (DDR2-533MHz), YNRC-BR (MAGNETITE-GL8E) (DDR2-533MHz).