INFINEON 256MB PC2100 DDR 266MHz Desktop Memory
  • INFINEON 256MB PC2100 DDR 266MHz Desktop Memory

INFINEON 256MB PC2100 DDR 266MHz Desktop Memory

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Infineon 256MB PC2100 DDR 266MHz Desktop Memory HYS64D32000GU

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PACKAGING Anti-static pack
WARRANTY Lifetime warranty


Compatibility List:Acer Desktop


:Acer S82MA Motherboard, AcerPower APSC-U-C1701, APSD-U-C1800, APSD-U-N1600, APSD-U-N1601, APSD-U-N1800, APSD-U-N1801, APSD-U-N1802, APSD-U-N2000, APSD-U-N2001, APSD-U-N2400, APSD-U-N2401, APSD-U-N2402, APSD-U-N2403, APSP-U-C2000, APSP-U-N2400, APSP-U-N2401, APSP-U-N2403, APSV-U-C2400, APSV-U-C2502, APSV-U-N2600, APSV-U-N2601, APSV-U-N2606, APSV-U-N2608, Sd Series, Sd APSd-U-N1601 (non-ECC), Sd C1701 P4 1.7GHz, Sd C1800 Celeron 1.8GHz, Sd N1800 P4 1.8GHz, Sd N1801 P4, Sd N1802 P4 1.7GHz, Sd N2000 P4 2GHz, Sd N2400 P4 2GHz, Sd N2001 P4 2GHz, Sd N2401 P4 2.4GHz, Sd N2402 P4 2.4GHz, SD-U-N1800 (non-ECC), SD-U-N1801 (non-ECC), SD-U-N1802 (non-ECC), SLE-AL, SLE-M, SP Series, ST, STB (STB015, STB016, STB017, STB018, STB019), SV, Aspire 1700, 1702, 1702SC, 1703, 1703ESC, 1703ESM, 1703SC, 1703SM, 1704SM, 1705, 1705SCI, 1705SMI, 3300C, 3300D, 3300S, 8000, 8100 XP, 8200, ASEL-20CWFIX, B300, ELD, G500, G505, G510, G600 Series, G600HC, aG600LX, G600MC, G600p Series, M500 Series, M500p Series, RC500L, T100 Series, T300 Series, Veriton 3300 Pentium 4, 3300D, 3300D Pentium 4, 3300D-N1500A, 3300D-N1700A, 3500 Pentium 4 Series, 3500G Pentium 4 Series, 5200D Pentium 4 Series, 5200D N1600A, 5200D N1600B, 5200D N1600W, 5200D N1700A, 5200D N1700B, 5200D N1700D, 5200D N1700W, 5200D N1800A, 5200D N1800D, 5200D N1802C, 5200D N1900A, 5200D N2000A, 5200D N2001C, 5200D N2400A, 5500 Pentium 4 series, 5500G Pentium 4 Series, 7200D-N1600A, 7200D-N1600B, 7200D-N1600W, 7200D-N1700A, 7200D-N1700B, 7200D-N1700D, 7200D-N1700W, 7200D-N1800A, 7200D-N1800D, 7200D-N1801A, 7200D-N1802C, 7200D-N1803C, 7200D-N1900A, 7200D-N1901C, 7200D-N1902C, 7200D-N2000A, 7200D-N2001A, 7200D-N2001C, 7200D-N2002A, 7200D-N2003A, 7200D-N2003C, 7200D-N2004A, 7200D-N2400A, 7200D-N2400C, 7200D-N2403C, 7216D, 7500 Pentium 4 Series, 7500G Pentium 4 Series, VT3500G-C-(N2000-N2600), VT3500G-S, VT3500G-U, VT5500-U, VT5500-C-N1700, VT5500G-C, VT5500G-S, VT5500G-S-N2005, VT5500G-U, VT7200D, VT7200D-00107, Veriton 7500GE, VT7500-C-(C1700-C1800), VT7500-C-N1800, VT7500-C-N2000, VT7500-C-N2001, VT7500-C-N2051, VT7500-C-N2401, VT7500-C-N2402, VT7500-C-N2450, VT7500-U, VT7500-U-C2000, VT7500G-C, VT7500G-S, VT7500G-U.

 Acer Laptop:

Acer Aspire 1700 series 1702, 1703, 1705 *DDR*


This module is compatible with a wide range of systems based on 266MHz DDR RAM. Single DDR RAM module which is delivered in retail packaging and backed by Kingston's lifetime manufacturers warranty.

Further details on this module: 64 bit, 7.5ns, CAS2.5, Rated 2.5-3-3, DDR266, non-ECC, double-sided, 16 chips.

HP / Compaq Desktops: Compatible with Compaq/HP 704K, d200, d210, Business PC D510, BUSINESS DESKTOP D311V, Business PC D325, Evo Desktop D31VM, D300 (1.5G - 1.8G P4) (DDR), D300 CMT P4 (1.5GHz-1.7GHz) (DDR), D300 DT P4 (1.5GHz-2.2GHz) (DDR), D300s (1.5 - 2.0G) Series (DDR), D300s CMT P4 (1.5GHz-2.2GHz) (DDR), D300v Series Celeron (DDR), D300v Series P4 (DDR), D310, D310 MT, D310V, D310VM, D310v MT, D311, D315, D315S D325, D380M, D380MX, D381 DESKTOP, D381 MICROTOWER, D510, D510 e-pc, D512 CONVERTIBLE MINITOWER, Evo Workstation W4000 (DDR), MICROTOWER, D320DT, Presario 6LPPE1, 6LPPEG, 6LPPS1, 6LPXE1, 6LPXEC, 6LPXEG, 6LPXEH, 6LPXS1, 6RPPE1, 6RPPEC, 6RPPEG, 6RPXEH, 6RPXS1, 6RPPS1, 6RPXE1, 6RPXEC, 6RPXED, 6RPXEG, 6SPPE1, 6SPPEG, 6SPXE1, 6SPXEC, 6SPXEG, 6SPXEH, 6SPXS1, 6ZPPE1, 6ZPPEC, 6ZPPEG, 6ZPXE1, 6ZPXE2, 6ZPXEC, 6ZPXED, 6ZPXEG, 6ZPXEH, 7QSM1A, 7QSM1C, 7QSM11, 8LSXE1, 8LSXEC, 8LSXEG, 8QSXE1, 8QSXEC, 8RSPE1, 8RSPEC, 8RSPEG, 8RSXE1, 8RSXEC, 8RSXEG, 8SDPE1, 8SDPEG, 8SDXE1, 8SDXEC, 8SDXEG, 8SSPE1, 8SSPEG, 8SSXE1, 8SSXEC, 8SSXEG, 8ZSPE1, 8ZSPE2, 8ZSPEC, 8ZSPEG, 8ZSXE1, 8ZSXE2, 8ZSXEC, 8ZSXEG, 3306AP, 3310AP, 3311AP, 3325AP, 3326AP, 3327AP, 3353AP, 3355AP, 3356AP, 3360AP, 3730AP, 3756AP, 3770AP, 3907HK, 3908HK, 4400xx Series, 4420LA, 4720LA, 5423US, 5425KS, 5428EA, 5430CA, 5430EA, 5430US, 5431EA, 5440CA, 5440EA, 5450CA, 5450EA, 5720AK, 5720AP, 5720AU, 5720GC, 5720TC, 5720TH, 5722AP, 5723AP, 5725AK, 5725AP, 5726AK, 5730AK, 5730AP, 5730AS, 5730GC, 5730NZ, 5730TC, 5730TH, 5735AP, 5735GC, 5740AK, 5740AP, 5740AS, 5740AU, 5760GC, 6000 Series (Athlon), 6000 (Pentium 4), 6000A, 6000EA, 6000KS, 6000T, 6000US, 6000Z, 6001EA, 6002EA, 6003EA, 6004, 6004EA, 6005DM, 6005EA, 6006EA, 6007EA, 6008EA, 6010AK, 6010AP, 6010CA, 6010EA, 6010GC, 6010TC, 6010US, 6011EA, 6011AK, 6012AK, 6012EA, 6012RSH, 6013GC, 6015CA, 6015US, 6015GC, 6016US, 6017EA, 6017GC, 6019WM, 6020AK, 6020AP, 6020CA, 6020EA, 6020GC, 6020HK, 6020TH, 6020US, 6021AK, 6021US, 6022AP, 6022EA, 6022TH, 6023AK, 6023EA, 6023US, 6024EA, 6024US, 6025AP, 6025EA, 6025GC, 6025RSH, 6026CL, 6026RSH, 6027, 6027AK, 6027CA, 6027EA, 6027LA, 6027US, 6028AK, 6028CL, 6028EA, 6029AK, 6029EA, 6029US, 6030, 6030AK, 6030AP, 6030CA, 6030GC, 6030HK, 6030LA, 6030TC, 6030TH, 6031CL, 6031EA, 6032EA, 6033, 6033EA, 6033US, 6035CL, 6035GC, 6036HK, 6037CA, 6040AK, 6040AP, 6040AU, 6040CA, 6040GC, 6040LA, 6040TH, 6045CA, 6045EA, 6045GC, 6046EA, 6046AI, 6046AP, 6046GC, 6047EA, 6048EA, 6050AU, 6050EA, 6050GC, 6050LA, 6055EA, 6055GC, 6056EA, 6060EA, 6062EA, 6073EA, 6078EA, 6079EA, 6083EA, 6084, 6084EA, 6085EA, 6086EA, 6087EA, 6088EA, 6089EA, 6090EA, 6092EA, 6095EA, 6097EA, 6104EA, 6105TC, 6106EA, 6108EA, 6110AP, 6110TC, 6111AK, 6112EA, 6115TC, 6116EA, 6118EA, 6120EA, 6121AK, 6122AP, 6122TH, 6125AP, 6125EA, 6128AK, 6130, 6130AK, 6130HK, 6130LA, 6134EA, 6135HK, 6136HK, 6137EA, 6137HK, 6140AK, 6140EA, 6140TH, 6142, 6142EA, 6142TH, 6143EA, 6145EA, 6145TH, 6146AP, 6146TH, 6146TC, 6147EA, 6148AP, 6149AP, 6150EA, 6150HK, 6150UK, 6152EA, 6154EA, 6155HK, 6159EA, 6163EA, 6164EA, 6165EA, 6166EA, 6171EA, 6173EA, 6174EA, 6175EA, 6176EA, 6177EA, 6178EA, 6180EA, 6182EA, 6183EA, 6184, 6184EA, 6185EA, 6188EA, 6189EA, 6190EA, 6191EA, 6193SE, 6194EA, 6195EA, 6195ME, 6196EA, 6197, 6197EA, 6197NL, 6198, 6198EA, 6199EA, 6200EA, 6201EA, 6201IL, 6202AN, 6202EA, 6203EA, 6205AP, 6205EA, 6205KR, 6206AP, 6207, 6207EA, 6208AP, 6210KR, 6211EA, 6211IL, 6212EA, 6213EA, 6214AN, 6214EA, 6215KR, 6216EA, 6217EA, 6219EA, 6220EA, 6220KR, 6220IN, 6222EA, 6223EA, 6225AP, 6226AN, 6230AN, 6230AP, 6230EA, 6230IN, 6230LA, 6232EA, 6233EA, 6235IN, 6236EA, 6240, 6240AN, 6240EA, 6240IN, 6240LA, 6240NL, 6240UK, 6243EA, 6245AP, 6245EA, 6247EA, 6248EA, 6249EA, 6250AP, 6250EA, 6250IN, 6252EA, 6253EA, 6254, 6256EA, 6258EA, 6260AP, 6260EA, 6262EA, 6263, 6265AP, 6263EA, 6265AA, 6265EA, 6266EA, 6268EA, 6270AP, 6270EA, 6271AP, 6272EA, 6276EA, 6277EA, 6280AP, 6282AP, 6285AP, 6288AP, 6290AN, 6290IN, 6295AP, 6300CA, 6300SE, 6301rsh, 6310CA, 6310US, 6312US, 6315CL, 6320US, 6324SE (DDR), 6325CL, 6326SE, 6330CA, 6330US, 6331RSH, 6333OM, 6350CA, 6350RSH, 6421RSH, 6350US, 6351RSH, 6370US, 6400NX, 6401RSH, 6404US, 6410LA, 6410LS, 6410NX, 6412US, 6415CL, 6415LA, 6420LA, 6420LS, 6420NX, 6421US, 6422SE, 6422SE-B, 6430LA, 6430LS, 6430NX, 6433US, 6435CL, 6440LA, 6442SE, 6450NX, 6454NX, 6455CL, 6470CA, 6470NX, 6473SA, 6473US, 6475CL, 6475NX, 6485CL, 6505UK, 6510BE, 6510EA, 6510FR, 6510NL, 6510SE, 6511,, 6512UK, 6515, 6515FR, 6515GC,, 6520AK, 6520AP, 6520AU, 6520BE, 6520EA, 6520FR, 6520NZ, 6520PT, 6520SE, 6520UK, 6521AU, 6522AU, 6522NZ, 6525, 6525AK, 6525AP, 6525EA, 6525HK, 6525NZ, 6527AP, 6527AU, 6527NZ, 6530, 6530BE, 6530DK, 6530FR, 6530SE, 6530SE1, 6531SE, 6535BE, 6537BE, 6539FR, 6540BE, 6540FI, 6540FR, 6540NL, 6540PT, 6540UK, 6545DK, 6550, 6550DK, 6550NL, 6550FR, 6550SE,, 6551,, 6555, 6555DK,, 6560DK, 6560NL, 6560BE, 6560FI, 6560SE, 6570DK, 6570UK, 6580BE, 6580FI, 6580DK, 6580NL, 6580PT, 6590FR, 6610TW, 6615TC, 6619NZ, 6620DK, 6620PT, 6620SE, 6620TC, 6621, 6621AU, 6621NZ, 6622, 6622AU, 6622NZ, 6626HK, 6626HK, 6627, 6627AP, 6627AU, 6630DK, 6640FI, 6640PT, 6640SE, 6646GC, 6660FI, 6690FI, 6695FI, 7000Z, 7104CA (DDR), 7110US, 7114 MT, 7602, 8000Z (DDR), 8000Z P8656J, 8000Z P8657C, 8017US, 8022US, 8050EA, 8060EA, 8070EA, 8072EA, 8075EA, 8080EA, 8090EA, 8095EA, 8105EA, 8121EA, 8130EA, 8140EA, 8141EA, 8142EA, 8143EA, 8144EA, 8145EA, 8153EA, 8154EA, 8200EA, 8210EA, 8401CC, 8405SE, 8406SE, 8410SE, 8415SE, 8420EA, 8420SE, 8425EA, 8425SE, 8430EA, 8430SE, 8437EA, 8440EA, 8445EA, 8450EA, 8470EA, 8475EA, 8480EA, 8510EA, 8525EA, 8530SE, 8540EA, 8540SE, 8540SE1, 8541SE, 8541SE1, 8545EA, 8548EA, 8550EA, 8550SE, 8560EA, 8560SE, 8565EA, 8568EA, 8570SE, 8570SE1, 8571SE, 8571SE1, 8575EA, 8580EA, 8580SE, 8590EA, 8900SE, 8901SE, 8920SE, 8940SE, 8960SE, 8970SE, 8980SE, S3000AP, S3000NX, S3000NZ, S3000T (BTO), S3000T CTO, S3000T P8654T, S3000T P8654V, S3000T P8654W, S3000V (BTO), S3000V CTO, S3000V P8654S, S3000V P8655J, S3000V P8655L, S3000Z (BTO), S3000Z CTO, S3000Z P8654X, S3000Z P8654Y, S3000Z P8655A, S3010AN, S3010AP, S3010CL, S3010CL-B, S3010IL, S3020AP, S3030AP, S3030IL, S3030RK, S3040IL, 3040SE, S3040SE-B, S3050AN, S3050UK, S3060AN, S3080AN, S3080AP, S3090AP, S3100DK, S3100NX, S3110AP, S3120IN, S3150AP, S3150UK, S3160AP, S3160NL, S3200AP, S3200DK, S3200NX, S3210AP, S3210IN, S3210NB, S3220IN, S3240IN, S3250NL, S3300DK, S3300NX, S3310OM, S3400SE, S3610LA, S3610LS, S3630LA, S3630LS, S4000AP, S4000J, S4000J (BTO), S4000J CTO, S4000J P8655W, S4000J P8655X, S4000J P8656G, S4000J P8656L, S4000NX, S4010AP, S4010CL, S4010CL-B, S4020IL, S4010LA, S4010LS, S4010NX, S4010OM-B, S4020IL, S4020LA, S4020WM, S4020WM-B, S4030IL, S4030LS, S4040AP, S4050US, S4080AP, S4090AP, S4100DK, S4100NO, S4100NX, S4100UK, S4120WM-B, S4210NX, S4214BD-B, S4130IN, S4150UK, S4200DK, S4200NX, S4200UK, S4210NX-B, S4214BD, S4220NX, S4300CL, S4500AL, S4550AL, S4560AL, S4600AL, S6000 P8656U, S5000CL, S5000CL-B, S5000J (BTO), S5000HK, S5000LA, S5000NX, S5000V (BTO), S5000V CTO, S5008NX, S5010AN, S5010HK, S5010IL, S5010NX-B, S5020AN, S5020HK, S5020LA, S5020NX, S5030AN, S5030AP, S5030IL, S5030LA, S5100NX, S5200NX, S5200SE, S5300NX, S5420NX, S6000, S6000 P8656U, S6000NX, S6000V, S6000V CTO, S6010V, S6010V CTO, S6010V P8657E, S6100SF, S6100UK, S6104NX, S6289UK, SR1000V (CTO), SR1010NX, SR1011NX, SR1020NX, SR1053WM, SR1168AN, SR1200IL, SR1208AL, SR1211NX, SR1212NX, SR1215IL, SR1215LA, SR1230IL, SR1235IL, Thin Client T5720.

  Compatible Kingston Part Numbers:

KVR266X64C25/512, KTC-PR266/512, KTA-G4266/512, KTM3304/512

 Dell Desktops:

Compatible with Dell Dimension 2300C, 2350, 4400, OptiPlex L60, Channel Partner Solution 510D, Precision Workstation 360N (400MHz Front Side Bus), 450 (non-ECC), 450N (non-ECC), 650 (non-ECC), 650N (non-ECC), Whitebox 510D.

 Apple Xserver:

Compatible with Apple iMac G4 Flat Panel 1GHz (PC2100), PowerMac Dual G4 (867MHz), Power Mac G4 1GHz (FireWire 800), Xserve M8627LL/A, M8628LL/A (G4 1GHz).IBM PCs:

NetVista 2289, 6290, 6824, 6826, 8305, 8317, 8318, 8319, A30 6824-xxx, A30 8313 (5BU, 5CU, 52U, 53U, 55U), A30 8315 (5BU, 5CU, 5DU, 11U, 12U, 24U, 37U, 39U, 42U, 61U, 62U,91U), A30 8315-52U, A30 8315-53U, A30 8324-xxx, A30p 2289, A30p 8310 (3AU, 3GU, 14U, 1AU, 1BU, 26U, 27U, 28U, 29U, 36U, 37U, 38U, 39U, 47U, 48U, 63U, 65U, 81U, 82U), A30p 8311 (2CU, 3DU, 3GU, 4DU, 13U, 15U, 29U, 47U, 61U, 62U, 83U, 85U, 92U, D1U), A30p 8315-23U, A30p 8315-xxx, M42 8181-xxx, M42 8182-xxx, M42 8301 (22U, 32U, 41U, 51U, 52U, 53U), M42 8301-xxx, M42 8302-xxx, M42 8303-22U, M42 8303 (21U, 24U, 26U, 27U, 31U, 33U, 35U, 36U, 41U, 43U, 44U, 53U), M42 8303-xxx, M42 8304-42U, M42 8304-xxx, M42 8305 (21U, 22U, 25U, 29U, 31U, 34U, 37U, 39U, 41U, 42U, 43U, 44U, 49U), M42 8305-xxx, M42 8306-xxx, M42 8307 (22U, 25U, 31U, 32U, 41U, 43U), M42 8307-xxx, M42 8308-xxx, S42 8317-xxx, S42 8318-xxx, S42 8319-xxx, SurePOS 500-W33, 500-W43, 500-W53, 500-W63, 500-W73, WA3, 521, 531, 541, 551, 561, 700-C41, 741, 781, 4800-781, 4800-C41, 4800-W41, 4800-W81, 4840-5A3, 4840-56Z, 4840-573, 4840-533, 4840-543, 4840-544, 4840-553, 4840-563, 4840-W33, 4840-W43, 4840-W53, 4840-W63, 4840-W73, 4840-WA3, 4846-545, 4846-565, 4851-514, 4851-E14, 4910-33D, 4910-33S, 4951-514, ThinkCentre A30 2296 (DDR-266MHz), A30 8191 (DDR-266MHz), A30 8198 (DDR-266MHz), A30 8199 (DDR-266MHz), A30 8316 (DDR-266MHz), A30 8434 (DDR-266MHz).




A7M266, A7M266-D/PA Motherboard (non-ECC), A7N266, A7N266-C, A7N266-E, A7N266-VM, A7N266-VM SE, A7N266-VX, A7S266-VM/U2 (DDR), A7S266-U2, A7S266-VM (DDR) Motherboard, A7SC Motherboard, P5P800 SE Mainboard, BAREBONE TERMINATOR C3, CUV266 Motherboard, CUV266-D Motherboard, P4333-VF, P4333-VM, P4B533-E Mainboard (non-ECC), P4B533-V Motherboard, P4B533-X Motherboard, P4BGL-ED Motherboard, P4BGL-MX Motherboard, P4BGL-MX/533 Motherboard, P4BGL-VM Motherboard, P4G533-LA Motherboard, P4G-LA Motherboard, P4G8X DELUXE GOLD (non-ECC), P4P800-E Deluxe Motherboard, P4S266-VX Motherboard, P4S333-VF Motherboard, P4S333-VM Motherboard, P4S533VX Motherboard, P4S533-X (DDR) Motherboard, P4SC Motherboard, P4SGL-MX Motherboard, P4SGL-VM Motherboard, P4S-LA Motherboard, P4V533-MX Motherboard, P4V533-VM Motherboard, P4VP-MX Motherboard, P4XP-X (DDR) Motherboard, Prodigy P4B, Prodigy P4BL, Prodigy P4S, T2-P Desktop, Terminator K7 DDR Motherboard.