New KINGSTON 4GB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz (2x2GB) non-ECC DDR2 Desktop Memory KVR800D2N5K2/4G PC and iMac G5
  • New KINGSTON 4GB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz (2x2GB) non-ECC DDR2 Desktop Memory KVR800D2N5K2/4G PC and iMac G5

New KINGSTON 4GB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz (2x2GB) non-ECC DDR2 Desktop Memory KVR800D2N5K2/4G PC and iMac G5

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New Kingston 4GB (2x 2GB) DDR2 - 800 PC6400 Desktop Memory for PC and iMac G5 KVR800D2N5K2/4G

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STANDARD PC2-6400 (800MHz)
SINGLE MODULE OR DUAL KIT Dual Channel kit (2x 2GB)
TECHNOLOGY 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM memory modules
PACKAGING Retail packaging
WARRANTY Lifetime warranty


We recommend this DDR2 memory kit to customers who wish to upgrade mainstream computer systems where price and reliability are the essential factors.

• RoHS compliant products.
• JEDEC standard 1.8V ± 0.1V Power supply
• VDDQ=1.8V ± 0.1V
• Max clock Freq: 400MHZ; 800Mb/S/Pin.
• Posted CAS
• Programmable CAS Latency: 3,4,5
• Programmable Additive Latency :0, 1,2,3 and 4
• Write Latency (WL) = Read Latency (RL)-1
• Burst Length: 4,8(Interleave/nibble sequential)
• Programmable sequential / Interleave Burst Mode
• Bi-directional Differential Data-Strobe (Single-ended data-strobe is an optional feature)
• Off-Chip Driver (OCD) Impedance Adjustment
• MRS cycle with address key programs.
• On Die Termination
• Serial presence detect with EEPROM


Memory is compatible with these model

Acer AcerPower 1000 2000 3520 6310 9150 9250
Acer AcerPower 6410 S290 F5 FG-U FH
Acer Aspire AM1100 AM5100 AM5630 E380 T180
Acer Aspire E500 e700 L300 L600 M1100 M1610
Acer Aspire T180 T650 Veriton 2800 6800 6900
Acer Extensa E210
Acer Veriton M261 6900 AM1100 F90M
Alienware 3500 3550 4500 5500 7500 ALX
Apple iMac G5 1.9GHz 2.1GHz
Apple Power Mac G5 Dual 2.0GHz 2.5GHz
Apple Power Mac G5 Dual Core 2.3GHz
Apple Power Mac G5 Quad 2.5GHz
ASUS AM2 AP1720-E2 D20 D22 M2A-VM M2N-E
ASUS P1-AH2 P1-P5945G P1-PH1 P2-P5945G
ASUS P3-AE5 P3-PE5 P3-PH4 P3-PH5 P5AD2 P5B
ASUS V2-M2NC61S V2-M2V890 V2-P5945G
ASUS V2-P5V900 V2-PE2 V2-PE3 V2-PH1 V2-PH2
ASUS V3-M2NC61S V3-M2V890 V3-P5945G
ASUS V3-P5V900
Averatec All-In-One PC
Compaq Business Desktop dc5100 dc5700 dc5750
Compaq Business Desktop dc7600 dc7700 dx2200
Compaq Business Desktop dx2250 dx2300 dx6120
Compaq Business Desktop dx7200
Compaq Deskpro SR5000 Presario SA4000T
Compaq Presario SR1030V SR1426NX SR1430nx
Compaq Presario SR1519X sr1522 SR1522X
Compaq Presario SR1705AL SR1722X SR1732IL
Compaq Presario SR1800NX SR1803 SR1921IL
Compaq Presario SR2010NX SR2011 SR2013WM-B
Compaq Presario SR2014HM SR2019 SR2020NX
Compaq Presario SR2030NX SR2034NX SR2050NX
Compaq Presario SR2129 SR2150NX SR2163
Compaq Presario SR2170NX sr2173 SR2180NX
Compaq Presario SR2264X SR5010NX SR5013
Compaq Presario SR5010NX
Compaq Presario SR5030NX SR5050NX SR5110NX
Compaq Presario SR5113 SR5123 SR5130NX
Compaq Presario SR5210NX SR5214x SR5223WM-B
Compaq Presario SR5250NX SR5253 SR5262NX
Compaq Presario SR5410F SR5550f
Dell Dimension 3100 3100C 4700 4700C 4700MCE
Dell DIMENSION 3100 5000 5100 4700 MCE
Dell DIMENSION 3100 5000 5100 4700 MCE
Dell DIMENSION 4700 5150 5150N 8400 9100
Dell DIMENSION 4700c 5100c 5150c 9200c
Dell Dimension 5000 5100 5100C 5150 5150c
Dell Dimension 8400 8400MCE 9100 9150 9200
Dell DIMENSION 9150 9200 C521 Desktop
Dell Dimension 9200C C521 DM051 E310 E310n
Dell DIMENSION E310 E510 E520 E521
Dell DIMENSION E310 E510 E520 E521
Dell Dimension E510 E510n E520 E520N E521
Dell Dimension E521N XPS 140M 410N 710 H2C
Dell Dimension XPS G3 G4 Gen 3 4 5 Gen3 Gen4
Dell Dimension XPS Gen5 OptiPlex 210L 280
Dell Inspiron 518 530 530N 530s 531 531n
Dell INSPIRON 530 530s 531 531s Desktop
Dell Inspiron 531s Vostro 200 400 410
Dell OptiPlex 210L 320 740 745 755
Dell OptiPlex 320 320n 330 520 620 740 745
Dell OptiPlex 745c 755 GX280 GX280n GX520
Dell OptiPlex GX620 SX280 SX280n
Dell PowerEdge SC420 Studio Hybrid
Dell Precision Workstation 370 370N 380 380N
Dell Precision Workstation 390 390N M4300
Dell Precision Workstation M70 T3400 XPS 200
Dell VOSTRO 200 400 410 Desktop PC
Dell VOSTRO 200 400 MINI SLIM Tower
Dell XPS 210 400 410 700 710 H2C 720
Dell XPS ONE 710 720 730 H2C Desktop
Dell XPS ONE 710 720 H2C Desktop PC
EMachines 3622 E3042 E4094 H5036 H5038 T3516
EMachines T3516A T3524 T3604 T3612 T3616
EMachines T3626 T3638 T5036 T5046 T5048
EMachines T5052 T5082 T5088 T5212 T5224
EMachines T5226 T5230 T6540 T6542 W3506
EMachines W3507 W3609 W3611 W3615 W3619
EMachines W3623 W3629 W3644 w3653 W5243
EMachines W6409
Fujitsu CELSIUS M430 W350 ESPRIMO C5900
Fujitsu ESPRIMO C5910 E5615 E5616 E5700
Fujitsu ESPRIMO E5710 E5901 E5905 E5915
Fujitsu ESPRIMO E5916 P5615 P5616 P5700
Fujitsu ESPRIMO P5710 P5905 P5915 P5916
Fujitsu SCENIC E620 W620
Gateway 9310X 9310XL DX100S DX100X DX110S
Gateway DX110X DX200S DX200Sb DX200X DX200Xb
Gateway DX210S DX210X DX300MC DX300MCb
Gateway DX300S DX300Sb DX300X DX300Xb DX310S
Gateway DX310Sb DX310X DX310Xb DX4200 DX420B
Gateway DX420Bb DX420S DX420Sb DX420X
Gateway DX420Xb DX430B DX430S DX430X DX441X
Gateway DX442B DX442S DX4640 DX4710 E-1500D
Gateway E-2500D E-2500S E-2600D E-2600S
Gateway E-4500D E-4500S E-4610D E-4610S
Gateway E-6500D E-6610D E1500 FX400MC FX400S
Gateway FX400X FX400XL FX4200 FX4710 FX510Sb
Gateway FX510Xb FX510XGb FX510XTb FX530S
Gateway FX530SV FX530XE FX530XG FX530XL
Gateway FX530XM FX530XT FX530XV FX540B
Gateway FX541S FX541XG FX541XT FX8010m
Gateway FX8020 FX8030 GM3032B GM5048 GM5066E
Gateway GM5076E GM5091E GM5259E GM5260
Gateway GM5407E GM5407H GM5442 GM5446E
Gateway GM5626 GM5638E GM5639E GM5640E
Gateway GM5643E GT4024 GT4026E GT5012 GT5014
Gateway GT5026E GT5040 GT5064 GT5068E GT5220
Gateway GT5222E GT5224 GT5228 GT5235E GT5252
Gateway GT5404 GT5405E GT5405H GT5408
Gateway GT5408H GT5411E GT5412 GT5414E
Gateway GT5418E GT5426E GT5428 GT5432 GT5438
Gateway GT5449E 4500 835GM 840GM 9300 9310S
Gateway GT5449E GT5458E GT5464 GT5465E
Gateway GT5618E GT5620 GT5622 GT5624E
Gateway GT5625E GT5628 GT5630E GT5634H
Gateway GT5636E GT5637E gt5662 GT5680E
Gateway GT5692 GT5694 GX7022e ZX190 S-5000D
Gateway Media Center 835GM 840GM
Gateway Profile 6 SB SBsb 6C
Gateway S-5000S S-5105D S-5200D S-5200S
Gateway S-5215D S-5215N S-5215S S-5405D
Gateway S-5405S S-5600D S-5615D
HP Digital Entertainment Center Z560 Z565
HP dx2300 m9000t m9000z m9040n m9060n m9080n
HP Evo Business Desktop dc5100 dc5800 dc7600
HP Evo Business Desktop dc7700 dx2200 dx2250
HP Media Center m1277c-b m7060n m7077c-b
HP Media Center M7362IN M7750N M8010Y
HP Media Center M8075.ES M8100Y m8277c
HP Media Center M8400F Pavilion 1220n a1016x
HP Pavilion a1016x-b a1020n a1023c a1023c-b
HP Pavilion a1030n a1034n a1035c a1035c-b
HP Pavilion a1040n a1100y a1102n a1104x
HP Pavilion a1106n a1110y a1113w a1113w-b
HP Pavilion a1120n a1125c a1140n a1150y
HP Pavilion a1200y a1214n a1217n a1220n
HP Pavilion a1221n a1223w a1224n a1240n
HP Pavilion a1257c a1257 a1265w a1310y
HP Pavilion a1312n a1319h a1320n a1320y
HP Pavilion a1324n a1340n a1350y a1410y
HP Pavilion a1419h a1423w a1424n a1514n
HP Pavilion a1510y a1520e a1750e a1750y
HP Pavilion a1616n a1620n a1644x a1700n
HP Pavilion a1709n a1710n a1712n a1719n
HP Pavilion a1720n a1723w A1730N a1740n
HP Pavilion a1742n a1744x a1747c a1748x
HP Pavilion a1750y a1767c A6000N a6005y
HP Pavilion a6009n a6010e A6010N a6030n
HP Pavilion a6013w
HP Pavilion A6037C-B a6040n a6042n a6050e
HP Pavilion a6050y a6109n a6130n
HP Pavilion a6152n a6200n a6200t a6205t
HP Pavilion a6210z A6213W a6220n a6230n
HP Pavilion a6250t a6250z a6400z a6500f
HP Pavilion a6500z a6510t a6530f a6560t
HP Pavilion a6560z d4100y d4600y d4790y
HP Pavilion d4890y d4995t m9280f m7060n
HP Pavilion m7070n m7100y m7463w m7680n
HP Pavilion m8000e M8000N m8010y m8067c
HP Pavilion m8180 m9067 Q6600 s7310n s7320n
HP Pavilion Media Center a1235c a1268c
HP Pavilion Media Center a1312n a1323w
HP Pavilion Media Center a1328x a1329x
HP Pavilion Media Center a1340n a1373w
HP Pavilion Media Center a1412n a1420n
HP Pavilion Media Center a1423w a1440n
HP Pavilion Media Center a1445n a1473w
HP Pavilion Media Center a1487c a1512x
HP Pavilion Media Center a1514n a1517x
HP Pavilion Media Center a1523w a1524n
HP Pavilion Media Center a1530n a1532n
HP Pavilion Media Center a1542n a1560n
HP Pavilion Media Center a1587c a1600n
HP Pavilion Media Center a1606n a1610n
HP Pavilion Media Center a1612n a1613w
HP Pavilion Media Center a1616n a1620n
HP Pavilion Media Center a1623w a1624n
HP Pavilion Media Center a1626n a1630n
HP Pavilion Media Center a1637c a1637c-b
HP Pavilion Media Center a1647c a1648x
HP Pavilion Media Center a1657c-b a1677c
HP Pavilion Media Center a1710n a1720n
HP Pavilion Media Center a1726x a1742n
HP Pavilion Media Center a6010n m1264n
HP Pavilion Media Center m1277c m1280n
HP Pavilion Media Center m7050y m7063w
HP Pavilion Media Center m7067c m7070n
HP Pavilion Media Center m7077c m7100y
HP Pavilion Media Center m7160n m7170n
HP Pavilion Media Center m7246n m7250n
HP Pavilion Media Center M7257C m7260n
HP Pavilion Media Center m7265c-b m7277c-b
HP Pavilion Media Center M7287c m7350n
HP Pavilion Media Center m7360n m7367c
HP Pavilion Media Center m7467c
HP Pavilion Media Center m7480n m7490n
HP Pavilion Media Center m7565a m7570n
HP Pavilion Media Center M7667C m7790e
HP Pavilion Media Center m7790y m8040n
HP Pavilion Media Center m8100n m8100y
HP Pavilion Media Center m8300f m8530f
HP Pavilion Media Center s7410n s7415c
HP Pavilion Media Center s7420n s7421c
HP Pavilion Media Center s7517c s7527c
HP Pavilion Media Center s7530n s7600n
HP Pavilion Media Center s7613w s7620n
HP Pavilion Media Center s7627c t3735
HP Pavilion Media Center TV a1777c m7363w
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7367c m7480n
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7490n m7557c-b
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7560n m7567c-b
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7570n m7580n
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7590n m7658n
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7664x m7747c
HP Pavilion Media Center TV M7750N m7757c
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7760n m7767c
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7780n m8100n
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m8120n m8200n
HP Pavilion Media Center TV s7617c
HP Pavilion s7400n s7500y s7605n s7613w
HP Pavilion
HP Pavilion Slimline Media Center s7605n
HP Pavilion Slimline Media Center s7613w
HP Pavilion Slimline s3012n s3020n s3100n
HP Pavilion Slimline s3120n s3200n s3200t
HP Pavilion Slimline s3200z s3220n S3223w
HP Pavilion Slimline s3420f s3430f s3500f
HP Pavilion Slimline s3500t s3500z s7310n
HP Pavilion Slimline s7627c s7700n s7713w
HP Pavilion Slimline s7727c dc5700 dc72
HP Pavilion t3250.
HP s3000e s3000y
HP s3123W xw4200 xw4300
IBM ThinkCentre A51 A51p A52 A60 E50 M51
IBM ThinkCentre M51e M52 M55 M55e M55p Q100
Lenovo 3000 J100 J110 J115 J200 J205 K100
Lenovo ThinkCentre A52 A53 A55 A57 A60 A62
Lenovo ThinkCentre M51 M52 M55 M55e M55p M57
Lenovo ThinkCentre M57e M57p IdeaCentre K210
Sony Vaio VGC-LS30E VGC-LS37E VGC-RA840G
Sony Vaio VGC-RA842G VGC-RA842Gi VGC-RB52
Sony Vaio VGC-RB64G VGC-RC210G VGC-RC310G
Sony Vaio VGC-RC320P VGC-VA10G VGC-VA11G
Sony Vaio VGX-XL1 VGX-XL2

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