MT8VDD6464HDG Micron Laptop 512MB PC2100 Laptop Memory
  • MT8VDD6464HDG Micron Laptop 512MB PC2100 Laptop Memory

MICRON 512MB PC2100 DDR 266mhz Notebook Memory

GST included

Micron 512MB PC2100 DDR 266mhz Notebook Memory



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FORM FACTOR 200-pin DDR SO-DIMM memory module
CONFIGURATION Double-sided 512MB module
PACKAGING Anti-Static packaging
WARRANTY Lifetime warranty


Compatible Systems and More :


Compaq Notebooks: Compaq Business Notebook nx7000, EVO Notebook N610V, N620c, N800S, N800w, Omnibook VT6200, VXT6200, XT6200, ze4348ae, ze4357ae, ze4360ae, ze4385ae, ze5343ae, Presario 2147EA, 2173EA, 2201AS, 2207AL, 2540EA, M2002AL, M2034EA, M2043AP, V1009AD, V2035EA, V2036AP, V2210CA, X1000(CTO), X1001US, X1002US, X1005EA, X1005LA, X1006EA, X1007EA, X1010CA, X1010EA, X1010US, X1012, X1012US, X1015US, X1016EA, X1018CL, X1020CA, X1020US, X1028CL, X1030US, X1031, X1031AP, X1032, X1037AP, X1038AP, X1040AP, X1040US, X1041AP, X1042AP, X1043AP, X1044AP, X1045AP, X1046AP, X1047AP, X1048AP, X1049AP, X1050CA, X1050US, X1057AP, X1058AP, X1060AP, X1105EA, X1110EA, X1115EA, X1140EA, X1155EA.


Hewlett Packard (HP): Pavilion DV1001AP, DV1004AP, DV1005AP, DV1005EA, DV1006AP, DV1007AP, DV1008AP, DV1010AP, DV1012AP, DV1013AP, DV1014AP, DV1015AP, DV1016AP, DV1017AP, DV1018AP, DV1019AP, DV1019EA, DV1020AP, DV1021AP, DV1022AP, DV1023AP, DV1024AP, DV1025AP, DV1026AP, DV1027AP, DV1029AP, DV1030AP, DV1031AP, DV1045EA, DV1049CL, DV1050EA, DV1055EA, DV1060US, DV1064EA, DV1065EA, DV1067EA, DV1074EA, DV1075EA, DV1124AP, DV1128AP, dv1130US, DV1131AP, DV1131EA, DV1134AP, DV1139AP, dv1150US, DV1168EA, dv1170US, dv1175US, DV1180EA, DV1207US, DV1224EA, DV1245EA, DV1252EA, DV1258EA, DV1259EA, DV1262EA, DV1263EA, DV1266EA, DV1272EA, DV1270EA, DV1300, DV1301AP, DV1301XX, DV1302AP, DV1302XX, DV1303AP, DV1304AP, DV1305AP, DV1306AP, DV1307AP, DV1308AP, DV1310AP, DV1311AP, DV1312AP, DV1313AP, DV1314AP, DV1315AP, DV1315clDV4155cl, ze2002AP, ze2003AP, ze2004us, ze2010AP, ze2010BR, ze2011AP, ze2016AP, ze2017AP, ze2019AP, ze2020BR, ze2030BR, ze2040BR, ze2102EA, ze2103EA, ze2104EA, ze2106EA, ze2107EA, ze2108EA, ze2110EA, ze2112EA, ze2113EA, ze2115EA, ze2117EA, ze2117us, ze2125EA, ze2129EA, ze2139EA, ze2140EA, ze2145EA, ze2151EA, ze2150EA, ze2155EA, ze2160EA, ze4921EA, ze4922EA, ze4923EA, ze4926EA, ze4928EA, ze4929EA, ze4933EA, ze4934EA, ze4935EA, ze4937EA, ze4938EA, ze4939EA, ze4940EA, ze4942EA, ze4941EA, ze4943EA, ze4944EA, ze4946EA, ze4947EA, ze4949EA, ze4950EA, ze4951EA, ze4952EA, ze4954EA, ze4955EA, ze4956EA, ze4960EA, ze4995EA, zt3000, zt3011ap, zt3012AP, zt3012ea, zt3013ap, zt3014ap, zt3015AP, zt3015ea, zt3016ap, zt3017EA, zt3017la, zt3017wm, zt3018ap, zt3019AP, zt3019ea, zt3020AP, zt3021ap, zt3022AP, zt3022ea, zt3023ap, zt3024AP, zt3024ea, zt3025ap, zt3026ap, zt3027ap, zt3028ap, zt3029ap, zt3031ap, zt3032ap, zt3033ap, zt3034ap, zt3035ap, zt3036ap, zt3037ap, zt3038ap, zt3039ap, zt3041ap, zt3042AP, zt3044ap, zt3045ap, zt3046ap, zt3047ap, zt3048ap, zt3049ap, zt3050ap, zt3051ap, zt3057la, zt3111ea, zt3113ea, zt3114ea, zt3115ea, zt3116ea, ZT3219AP, ZT3220AP, ZT3221AP, zt3308AP, zt3309AP, zt3310AP, zt3325ap, zt3360AP, ZV5014AP, ZV5015AP, ZV5023AP, ZV5024AP, ZV5235US, NX 9015.


Acer Aspire 1310 Notebook-Series -LC, 1310 Notebook-Series -XC, 1310XV, 1312LC, 1312LM, 1312XC, 1313LC, 1314LC Notebook, 1315LC, 1315LC-60, 1315LM, AS1315LC Notebook, 1403XC (DDR) Notebook, TravelMate 242FX, 242LC, 242LMI, 242X, 242XC, 243FX, 243LC, 243LCH, 243LME, 243X, 243XH, 244LCI, 250ELC, 250ELCI, 250LC, 250LCi, 250PEXCI, 250PEXV, 250XC, 252ELC, 252ELCI, 252EX, 252EXC, 252LC, 252LME, 252LMI, 252LMIE, 252PEXCI, 252PXCI, 254ELCI, 254LCE, 254LMIE, 290LCI, 290LMI, 290XCI, 290XI, 290XMI, 290XVI, 291ALCI, 291 LCI, 291 LMI, 291 XCI, 291 XCIH, 292 ELCI, 292EXC, 292 LCI, 292 LMI, 292LMi-V64MB, 292X, 292XCi, 293LCI, 380, 382TCI, 382TMI, 430 Series 432LC/435LC, 433ELCI, 433ELM, 433LCI, 435LCi, 435LMi, 660LCI, 660LMI, 661XCI, 662LMI, 800 series-800LCi, 800LMi, 800XCi, 801LCI, 803LCi, 803LCIB, 803LMI, 803LMIB, 804LCI, 804LCIB, 804LMI, 2200, 2201LC, 2201WLC , 2201WLMI, 2201XC, 2203LC, 2203LMI, 2300, 2301LC, 2301LCI, 2301LCI-855-XPP, 2301LM, 2301WLCI, 2301WLMI, 2301WMI, 2301XC, 2303LC, 2303LCI, 2303LM, 2303WLCI, 2303WLCI-855-XPP, 2303WLMI, 2304LC, 2304LCI, 2304LMI, 2304WLCI, 2304WLMi, 2355LCi, C112TCi, C112TCi-SP2, C112Ti-SP2, C113TCi, C113Ti, i845PE i855PM.


Asus A2H Notebook, A3L-5027P, A3L-5028H, A3L-5046H, A3L-5047P, A3L-5073P, A3000N(A3N) Laptop, A3500L Notebook, A3500N Laptop, A3506LLH, A3513LBH, A3515LUH, A3515NLH, A3520NBH, A3522NUH, A3525LBH, A3527GLH, A3527LUH, A3527NUH, A3843GLH, L34C 1.4G P4-M, L38C 1.7G P4-M, L38S 1.8G P4-M.


IBM Notebooks: Kiosk Anyplace 4836-13V, 4836-132, 4836-135, 4838-132, 4838-1Z2, 4838-1Z5, 4838-1Z7, 4838-13V, 4838-132, 4838-135, 4838-E32, 4838-E35, 4838-E37, 4838-EZ2, 4838-EZ5, 4838-EZ7, 4838-W2D, 4838-W5D, 4838-W7D, 4838-W2Z, 4838-W5Z, 4838-W7Z, ThinkPad R40 2693, R40 2892, R40 2896, R40 2897, R40 2898, R40 2899, R40e Celeron, R40 Pentium M 2722, 2723, 2724-xxx, R40 Pentium 4-M 2681, 2682, 2683, 2892, 2893, 2896, 2897-xxx, T40 2378, G40.


Apple iBook G4 1GHz 12" Combo Drive (M9426LL/A), G4 1GHz 14" Combo Drive (M9418LL/A), G4 1.25GHz 14" Combo Drive (M9419LL/A), iBook A1054, PowerBook G4 12", PowerBook G4 1GHz 12" Combo Drive (M9007LL/A), G4 1GHz 12" SuperDrive (M9007LL/A), G4 867MHz, 1GHz, 1.33GHz 12" (A1010), iBook G4 1.25GHz 12" Combo Drive, built in Airport Extreme (M9623LL/A), iBook G4 1.33GHz 14" Combo Drive, built in Airport Extreme (M9627LL/A), iBook G4 1.33GHz 14" Super Drive, built in Airport Extreme (M9628LL/A), iMac G4 1GHz 17" Flat Screen User Memory Slot (M8935LL/A) 199.


EliteGroup Computer (ECS) 557, G220, G320, G553, G731 Notebook, I-Buddie A928, A929, A980.


ViewSonic:  Tablet PC V1250P (DDR), V1250s.