IBM 256MB PC100 Notebook Memory
  • IBM 256MB PC100 Notebook Memory

IBM 256MB PC100 Notebook Memory

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IBM 256MB PC100 Notebook Memory.

 Major Brand


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Product Description:

New 256MB PC100 (Double Sided)

256MB 16MX8 Low Density Chip Configuration, 16 chips!

True PC100 100MHz

Major Brand Name Memory

144 Pin, Gold Leads

3.3V, 7.5 ns


This is a Non ECC, Non REGISTERED

16x8 Low Density Chips, 100% Compatible For all Laptops using PC100 Memory!

This Memory is Comaptible All Major Brand Laptops!

Great Quality and Performance

Fully Tested to Work

Memory is the best way to increase PC Speed!!



Compatibility List



Aspire 1200 , Extensa 710DX, Extensa 710T, Extensa 710TE, Extensa 711TE, Extensa 712TE, Extensa 712TEV, Extensa 720TX , Extensa 721TX, Extensa 721TXV, TravelMate 200DX, TravelMate 200T, TravelMate 200T Series, TravelMate 201DX/T/TXV Series, TravelMate 202T, TravelMate 202TE/TEV Series, TravelMate 203TX Series, TravelMate 210T, TravelMate 210TER, TravelMate 212T, TravelMate 212TE , TravelMate 212TX , TravelMate 212TXR-SBE , TravelMate 212TXV , TravelMate 213TE , TravelMate 213TXV , TravelMate 330T, TravelMate 330T-AAL Pentium II 300, TravelMate 331T , TravelMate 332T, TravelMate 333T, TravelMate 340T, TravelMate 341T, TravelMate 341TV, TravelMate 342T, TravelMate 343T, TravelMate 343TV, TravelMate 345T , TravelMate 345TV , TravelMate 347T , TravelMate 350TE, TravelMate 350TE-N, TravelMate 351TE-N, TravelMate 351TEV, TravelMate 351TEV-D, TravelMate 351TEV-N, TravelMate 352TEV , TravelMate 353TEV , TravelMate 354TE , TravelMate 354TEV, TravelMate 505DX , TravelMate 506DX, TravelMate 506T, TravelMate 507DX, TravelMate 507T, TravelMate 508DX , TravelMate 508T, TravelMate 510DX , TravelMate 510T , TravelMate 511TE , TravelMate 512DX, TravelMate 512DX-AAL Celeron 366 (512DX-AAL), TravelMate 512T, TravelMate 512T-AAL Celeron 366, TravelMate 512TE , TravelMate 513DX, TravelMate 513T, TravelMate 514T, TravelMate 514TE , TravelMate 514TXV, TravelMate 515T, TravelMate 515TE, TravelMate 515TE-AAL, TravelMate 516TE , TravelMate 517TE, TravelMate 518TX , TravelMate 520iT, TravelMate 521TE, TravelMate 521TV, TravelMate 521TXV, TravelMate 522TX, TravelMate 522TXV , TravelMate 524TE, TravelMate 524TEV, TravelMate 524TXV, TravelMate 525TE , TravelMate 525TX, TravelMate 525TXV, TravelMate 525TXV-D, TravelMate 527TE , TravelMate 527TX, TravelMate 527TXV, TravelMate 528TXV , TravelMate 529ATX, TravelMate 529ATXV, TravelMate 529TX , TravelMate 529TXV, TravelMate 600TER , TravelMate 602TER, TravelMate 603TER, TravelMate 603TER-98, TravelMate 604TER , TravelMate 610TXVi, TravelMate 611TXCi, TravelMate 611TXCi-D, TravelMate 611TXV, TravelMate 612TX , TravelMate 612TXCi, TravelMate 612TXi , TravelMate 612TXV, TravelMate 613TX, TravelMate 613TXC , TravelMate 613TXV , TravelMate 614TXCi , TravelMate 720TX Pentium II 300, TravelMate 720TX, 721TX, 721TXV, TravelMate 720TXV , TravelMate 721TX Pentium II 333, TravelMate 722ITX, TravelMate 722iTXV , TravelMate 722TX Pentium II 366, TravelMate 722TX, 722TXNT, 722TXV, TravelMate 722TXV , TravelMate 723TX, TravelMate 723TXV, TravelMate 730TXV, TravelMate 732TLV, TravelMate 732TXV, TravelMate 734TL, TravelMate 734TXV, TravelMate 735TLV, TravelMate 736TL, TravelMate 737TL , TravelMate 737TLV, TravelMate 738TLV, TravelMate 738TLV-98, TravelMate 739GTLV , TravelMate 739GTLV, TravelMate 739TL , TravelMate 739TLV, TravelMate á-550LV, TravelMate C104CTi, TravelMate C104Ti , TravelMate TM600TER, TravelMate TM600TER-128, TravelMate TM602TER, TravelMate TM602TER-98, TravelMate TM603TER




Book, iBook 300 (M7619LL/A) , iBook 300 (M7707LL/A) , iBook 300 (M7717LL/A) , iBook 366 (M7716LL/A) , iBook 500 (M7692LL/A), iBook 500 (M7698LL/A), iBook 500 (M7699LL/A), iBook 500 (M8520LL/A), iBook 500 (M8597LL/A), iBook 600 (M8598LL/A), iBook 700 (M8860LL/A), iBook 800 (M8758LL/A), iBook 800 (M8861LL/A), iBook 800 (M8862LL/A), iBook 900 (M9009LL/A), iBook 900 (M9018LL/A), iBook Indigo, iBook Key Lime, iBook Special Edition Graphite, iBook Special Edition Graphite 466, iBook Special Edition Key Lime, iBook Tangerine , iMac 233, iMac 266, iMac 333, iMac Flat Panel 800 (M9105LL/A), PowerBook G3 233 (M6481LL/A) , PowerBook G3 233 (M7229LL/A), PowerBook G3 300 (M7310LL/A), PowerBook G3 333 (Bronze), PowerBook G3 333 (M7304LL/A) , PowerBook G3 400, PowerBook G3 400 (Black-Tie), PowerBook G3 400 (Bronze), PowerBook G3 400 (Firewire), PowerBook G3 400 (Pismo), PowerBook G3 500, PowerBook G3 500 (Black-Tie), PowerBook G3 500 (Firewire), PowerBook G3 500 (Pismo), PowerBook G4 Titanium 400, PowerBook G4 Titanium 500, PowerBook G4 Titanium 550 (M8362LL/A), PowerBook G4 Titanium 550 (M8622LL/A)


A1 A1F 850, A1 A1F C800MHz, A1000 450, A1000 500, A1000 500c, A1000 600c, A1000 650, A1000 700c, A1000 750, A1000 850, A1200 600c, A1300 650, A1300 750, A1300 850, A1300 C750, A1300 P1.0G , A1300 P800 , A1F C800, A1F P850, B1 P1.0G, B1 P850, B1000 C850, B1000 P1.0G, B1000 P800, B1A 850, B1A P1.0G , B1A P850, F7400 333c , F7400 400c , F7400-B 450 , L7000-B 300c, L7000-B 333, L7000-B 366c, L7000-B 400, L7000-C 266c, L7000-C 300, L7000-C 333c, L7000-C 366, L7000-D 333, L7000-D 366, L7000-D 400, L7000-E 450, L7000-E 500, L7000-E 550, L7000-E 600, L7000-E 650, L7200 500c, L7200 600, L7200 Celeron, L7200 PIII, L7300-D 333, L7300-D 400, L8400 B 600c, L8400 B 650c, L8400 B 700, L8400 B 750, L8400 B 850, L8400 C 600c, L8400 C 650c, L8400 C 700, L8400 C 750, L8400 C 850, L8400 Ce 1.0G, L8400 Ce 650, L8400 Ce 750, L8400 Ce 850, L8400 Ce 900, L8400 K 850, L8400B, L8400C, L8CE 1.0G, L8CE 850, L8Ce P1.0G, L8Ce P850, L8F 1.0G, L8F P1.0G, L8F P850, L8L P1.0G, L8L P850 , M1000 700c, M1000 800, M1000 850, M1300 850, M1A 850, M1A C650, M1A P850, M8000 233, M8000 266, M8000 300, M8000 333, M8000 366, M8000-B 600, M8000-B 600c, M8000-B 650, M8000-C 600, M8000-C 600c, M8000-C 650, M8300, M8300 600 , M8300 650, MP8200, MP8200 550c, S8200 A 700c, S8200 A 800, S8200 A 850, S8200 PIII, S8600, S8600 850, S8A P850 , T9 P1.0G, T9 P850, T9000, T9300 1.0G, T9300 750, T9300 900, T9400 1.0G, T9400 750, T9400 900, T9A P1.0G, T9A P900




ChemBook 1200 C850, ChemBook 1200 P850, ChemBook 2020 750, ChemBook 2020 850, ChemBook 2850-T15-LI-M C850, ChemBook 2850-T15-LI-M P850, ChemBook 3015 700, ChemBook 3015 750, ChemBook 3015E C1.0G, ChemBook 3015E P1.0G, ChemBook 3800 C850, ChemBook 3800 P850, ChemBook 3830 C800, ChemBook 3830 P1.0G, ChemBook 6120N 600, ChemBook 6120N 700, ChemBook 6120N 800, ChemBook 7020 600, ChemBook 7020 600c, ChemBook 7020 700, ChemBook 7020 800, ChemBook 7200E P650, ChemBook 7200E-TFT-LI-M, ChemBook 8200B 600, ChemBook 8200B 650, ChemBook 8400 650, ChemBook 8400 750, ChemBook 8400C, ChemBook 8400E P1.0G, ChemBook 8600 C850, ChemBook 8600 P1.0G




Armada 100S 533/12.1"HPA, Armada 100S 550/12.1"HPA, Armada 100S 550/12.1"TFT, Armada 100S 550/13.3"TFT, Armada 110 850/14, Armada 110 C700, Armada 110 C700/12"TFT/98, Armada 110 C700/12"TFT/ME, Armada 110 C700/14"TFT/ME, Armada 110 C800/12"TFT/98, Armada 110 C800/12"TFT/ME, Armada 110 C800/14"TFT/ME, Armada 110 C850, Armada 110 P800/12"TFT/2000, Armada 110 P800/12"TFT/98, Armada 110 P800/12"TFT/ME, Armada 110 P800/14"TFT/2000, Armada 110 P800/14"TFT/98, Armada 110 P800/14"TFT/ME, Armada 110 P850, Armada 110 PIII 800, Armada 110S 800/14"TFT/98, Armada 1500C 366/12S, Armada 1500C 366/12T-95, Armada 1500C 366/12T-NT, Armada 1500C 400/12S-95, Armada 1500C 400/12S-98, Armada 1500C 400/12T-95, Armada 1500C 400/12T-98, Armada 1500c C266/S/4000/D/M/1, Armada 1500c C300/T/4000/D/M/1, Armada 1500c C300/T/4000/D/M/3, Armada 1500c C366, Armada 1700 (316300-002), Armada 1700 (316400-002), Armada 1700 PII266/13T-95, Armada 1700 PII266-NT, Armada 1700 PII300-95, Armada 1700 PII300-NT, Armada 1750 6300/6333/6366/6400, Armada 1750 PII300/13T-95, Armada 1750 PII300/13T-NT, Armada 1750 PII333/12T-95, Armada 1750 PII333/12T-NT, Armada 1750 PII333/13T-95, Armada 1750 PII333/13T-NT, Armada 1750 PII333/14T-95, Armada 1750 PII333/14T-NT, Armada 1750 PII366/14T-95, Armada 1750 PII366/14T-NT, Armada 1750 PII400/14T-95, Armada 1750 PII400/14T-NT, Armada 3500 6266/12T, Armada 3500 6266/12T-NT, Armada 3500 6300/13T, Armada 3500 6300/13T-NT, Armada 3500 6333/12T-95, Armada 3500 6333/12T-NT, Armada 3500 6366/13T-95, Armada 3500 6366/13T-NT, Armada 6500 6300/14T, Armada 7400 PII300/13T-95, Armada 7400 PII300/95, Armada 7400 PII300/NT, Armada 7400 PII333/13T-95, Armada 7400 PII333/13T-NT, Armada 7400 PII366/13T-95, Armada 7400 PII366/13T-NT, Armada 7400 PII366/14T-95, Armada 7400 PII366/14T-NT, Armada 7400 PII400/95, Armada 7400 Series, Armada 7800 PII 266/13T-NT, Armada 7800 PII 366/14T-95 , Armada 7800 PII300/95, Armada 7800 PII300/95-M, Armada 7800 PII300/NT, Armada 7800 PII366/95-M, Armada 7800 PII366/NT, Armada 7800 PII400/95-M, Armada E500, Armada E500 1000/15, Armada E500 6366/12T, Armada E500 6400/14T, Armada E500 6400/14T-NT, Armada E500 700/13.3, Armada E500 800/13.3, Armada E500 900/14, Armada E500 C550 13T-98 , Armada E500 C600/13, Armada E500 C600/14, Armada E500 P1.0G (470011-577), Armada E500 P1.0G (470011-622), Armada E500 P3450/14T, Armada E500 P3450/14T-NT, Armada E500 P3600/14T, Armada E500 P3650/14T, Armada E500 P3700/14T, Armada E500 P3700/15T, Armada E500 P3800/14T, Armada E500 P3800/14T-NT, Armada E500 P3850/15T, Armada E500 P3850/15T-NT, Armada E500 P700 (179849-001), Armada E500 P800 (179855-001), Armada E500 P800 (179855-008), Armada E500 P850 (179858-001), Armada E500 P850 (179858-008), Armada E500 P900 (470011-648), Armada E500 P900 (470011-680), Armada E500 PIII 500 13T-NT, Armada E500 PIII 500 14T-95, Armada E500 PIII 500 14T-98, Armada E500 PIII 500 14T-NT, Armada E500 PIII 600 13T-98, Armada E500 PIII 600 13T-NT, Armada E500 PIII 850 14T-98, Armada E500 PIII 900 14T-98, Armada E500DMT, Armada E500S 600, Armada E500S 650, Armada E500S 800, Armada E700 PII 400 14CTFT, Armada E700 PII400-95, Armada E700 PII400-98, Armada E700 PII400-NT, Armada E700 PIII500-95/98, Armada E700 PIII500-NT, Armada E700VCT , Armada Evo N150 C700 (470013-617) , Armada Evo N150 C700 (470013-660) , Armada Evo N150 C700 (470013-730) , Armada Evo N150 P800 (470013-661) , Armada Evo N150 P800 (470013-726) , Armada M300 6333/T11-95, Armada M300 6333/T11-95/128, Armada M300 6333/T11-98, Armada M300 6333/T11-NT, Armada M300 6333/T11-NT/128, Armada M300 C333/11T-95, Armada M300 C333/11T-98, Armada M300 C450/11T, Armada M300 P3500/T11, Armada M300 P3600/T11, Armada M300 P3600/T11-NT, Armada M300 P3600/T12, Armada M300 P3600/T12-NT, Armada M300 P500 (165288-008), Armada M300 P500 (205402-006 ), Armada M300 P600 (180400-002), Armada M300 P600 (180400-008), Armada M300 P600 (180428-002), Armada M300 P600 (180428-008), Armada M700 1.0G (470015-691) , Armada M700 6366/13T-95, Armada M700 6366/13T-98, Armada M700 6366/13T-NT, Armada M700 6366/14T-95, Armada M700 6366/14T-98, Armada M700 6366/14T-NT, Armada M700 6400/14T-95, Armada M700 6400/14T-98, Armada M700 6400/14T-NT, Armada M700 800/14, Armada M700 P1.0G (470011-791), Armada M700 P1.0G (470011-801), Armada M700 P1.0G (470011-802), Armada M700 P1.0G (470011-813), Armada M700 P3450/14T-95/98, Armada M700 P3450/14T-95/98 N, Armada M700 P3450/14T-NT, Armada M700 P3450/14T-NT N, Armada M700 P3500/14T-95/98, Armada M700 P3500/14T-95/98 N, Armada M700 P3500/14T-NT, Armada M700 P3500/14T-NT N, Armada M700 P3650/14T, Armada M700 P3650/14T-NT, Armada M700 P3700/13T, Armada M700 P3700/13T-NT, Armada M700 P3700/14T, Armada M700 P3700/14T-NT, Armada M700 P3750/14T, Armada M700 P3750/14T-NT, Armada M700 P3850/14T, Armada M700 P3850/14T-NT, Armada M700 P600/13T-98, Armada M700 P600/14T-98 , Armada M700 P650/14T-NT, Armada M700 P700 (205861-008), Armada M700 P700 (205862-002), Armada M700 P700 (205862-008), Armada M700 P700 (470006-990), Armada M700 P700 (470006-992), Armada M700 P750 (206647-002), Armada M700 P750 (206647-008), Armada M700 P850 (470006-421), Armada M700 P850 (470006-422), Armada M700 PIII 750 13T-98, Armada M700 PIII 750 13T-NT/2K, Armada M700 PIII 850 13T-95, Armada M700 PIII 850 13T-98, Armada M700 PIII 850 13T-NT/2K, Armada M700VMT, Armada M750 P3700/14T, Armada SB Series 6233, Armada V300 C400/12S, Armada V300 C400/12T, Armada V300 C466/14T, Armada V300 C500/12T, Armada V300 C500/14T, Evo N110 C1.0G, Evo N110 P1.0G, Evo N150 C700 (470013-617), Evo N150 P800 (470013-661), Evo N200 700/10, Evo N400c P1200, Evo N400c P700 (470013-470), Evo N400c P700 (470013-471), Evo N400c P850 (470022-682), Evo N400c P850 (470022-683), iPAQ H3670, iPAQ Personal Audio Player PA-1, Presario 1200, Presario 1200-T 566, Presario 1200-XL101, Presario 1200-XL103, Presario 1200-XL104, Presario 1200-XL105, Presario 1200-XL106, Presario 1200-XL107, Presario 1200-XL110, Presario 1200-XL111, Presario 1200-XL118, Presario 1200-XL119, Presario 1200-XL403/XL403A/XL404/XL406/XL408/XL409, Presario 1200-XL410/XL414/XL420/XL423/XL427/XL430, Presario 1200-XL502/XL505/XL526/XL510/XL512/XL506A, Presario 1201EA, Presario 1201S, Presario 1205EA, Presario 1244, Presario 1245, Presario 1247, Presario 1255, 1260, 1266, 1267, Presario 1260, Presario 1270, Presario 1272, Presario 1273, Presario 1274, Presario 1275, Presario 1277, Presario 1278, Presario 1279, Presario 12XL125, Presario 12XL126, Presario 12XL127, Presario 12XL201, Presario 12XL300, Presario 12XL301, Presario 12XL310, Presario 12XL325, Presario 12XL326, Presario 12XL327, Presario 12XL400, Presario 12XL401, Presario 12XL402, Presario 12XL404, Presario 12XL406, Presario 12XL408, Presario 12XL409, Presario 12XL410, Presario 12XL420, Presario 12XL421, Presario 12XL423, Presario 12XL426, Presario 12XL427, Presario 12XL430, Presario 12XL500, Presario 12XL505, Presario 12XL510, Presario 12XL526, Presario 12XL530, Presario 1400T-750 , Presario 1400T-750 Eddie Bauer Special Edition , Presario 1400T-800 , Presario 1400T-800 Eddie Bauer Special Edition , Presario 14XL240, Presario 14XL244, Presario 14XL245, Presario 14XL340 , Presario 14XL341, Presario 14XL345, Presario 1600s-400, Presario 1600s-450, Presario 1600s-475, Presario 1600-XL145, Presario 1670, Presario 1670, 1675, Presario 1672, Presario 1685, Presario 1687, Presario 1688, Presario 1690, Presario 1692, Presario 1693, Presario 1694, Presario 1700T , Presario 1700US , Presario 1710 , Presario 1710T , Presario 1720US , Presario 17XL260, Presario 17XL261 , Presario 17XL262, Presario 17XL264, Presario 17XL265, Presario 17XL266, Presario 17XL274, Presario 17XL275, Presario 17XL360, Presario 17XL361, Presario 17XL362, Presario 17XL364, Presario 17XL365, Presario 17XL366, Presario 17XL367, Presario 17XL368, Presario 17XL369, Presario 17XL370, Presario 17XL371, Presario 17XL372, Presario 17XL373, Presario 17XL375, Presario 17XL376, Presario 17XL377, Presario 17XL378, Presario 17XL379, Presario 17XL380, Presario 17XL460, Presario 17XL462, Presario 17XL465, Presario 17XL475, Presario 17XL570 , Presario 1800EA, Presario 1800T-366, Presario 1800T-400, Presario 1800T-450, Presario 1800T-466, Presario 1800T-500, Presario 1800T-700, Presario 1800T-800, Presario 1800T-850, Presario 1800T-C400, Presario 1800T-C700, Presario 1800-XL C500, Presario 1800-XL P450, Presario 1800-XL P500, Presario 1800-XL P600, Presario 1800-XL P650, Presario 1800-XL180, Presario 1800-XL181, Presario 1800-XL190, Presario 1801, Presario 1825, Presario 1827, Presario 1830, Presario 18XL190, Presario 18XL280, Presario 18XL380, Presario 18XL390, Presario 18XL580, Presario 18XL590, Presario 1900 Series, Presario 1900T-366, Presario 1900T-400, Presario 1900T-433, Presario 1900T-C400, Presario 1900-XL C500, Presario 1900-XL P500, Presario 1900-XL161, Presario 1900-XL163, Presario 1920, Presario 1925, Presario 1930, Presario 305, Presario 800T, Presario 80XL550, ProSignia 120, ProSignia 122, ProSignia 124, ProSignia 140, ProSignia 144, ProSignia 150-380, ProSignia 150-400 (104714-004) , ProSignia 150-400 (138691-004) , ProSignia 150-433, ProSignia 150-475, ProSignia 160, ProSignia 161 , ProSignia 162, ProSignia 165 6333/12/M/2, ProSignia 165 6333/14/M/2, ProSignia 165 6400/14/M/2, ProSignia 170 600, ProSignia 170 650, ProSignia 170-366PII, ProSignia 170-450/13, ProSignia 170-450/14, ProSignia 170-500, ProSignia 190 450, ProSignia 190 500, ProSignia 190 600, ProSignia 190 650, ProSignia Notebook 100 475, ProSignia Notebook 190 P450, ProSignia Notebook 190 P500



Inspiron 2100 P700-128, Inspiron 2100 P700-256, Inspiron 2500 C700, Inspiron 2500 C800 , Inspiron 2500 C900 , Inspiron 2500 P1.0G , Inspiron 2500 P700, Inspiron 2500 P850, Inspiron 2500 P900, Inspiron 3500, Inspiron 3500 A300GT, Inspiron 3500 A333GT, Inspiron 3500 A366GT, Inspiron 3500 A400GT, Inspiron 3500 C300XT, Inspiron 3500 C333GT, Inspiron 3500 C366GT, Inspiron 3500 C400GT, Inspiron 3500 D233XT, Inspiron 3500 D266GT, Inspiron 3500 D266XT, Inspiron 3500 D300GT, Inspiron 3500 K233XT, Inspiron 3500 K266GT, Inspiron 3500 K300GT, Inspiron 3500 K333GT, Inspiron 3500 K366GT, Inspiron 3700 C433GT, Inspiron 3700 C466GT, Inspiron 3700 R450GT, Inspiron 3700 R500GT, Inspiron 3800 C450ST, Inspiron 3800 C500ST, Inspiron 3800 C500SW, Inspiron 3800 C600, Inspiron 3800 C600SW, Inspiron 3800 C700, Inspiron 3800 C700SW, Inspiron 3800 R500GT, Inspiron 3800 R600GW, Inspiron 3800 R650GW, Inspiron 3800 R700, Inspiron 3800 R700GW, Inspiron 3800 R700SO, Inspiron 3800 R750, Inspiron 3800 R800, Inspiron 4000 C600, Inspiron 4000 C600GW, Inspiron 4000 C700, Inspiron 4000 C800, Inspiron 4000 P1.0G, Inspiron 4000 P900, Inspiron 4000 R600, Inspiron 4000 R650, Inspiron 4000 R650GW, Inspiron 4000 R700, Inspiron 4000 R700GO, Inspiron 4000 R800, Inspiron 4000 R850, Inspiron 5000 C450, Inspiron 5000 C466, Inspiron 5000 C500VW, Inspiron 5000 G600, Inspiron 5000 G650, Inspiron 5000 R450, Inspiron 5000 R450GW, Inspiron 5000 R500LW, Inspiron 5000 R600VW, Inspiron 5000 R650VW, Inspiron 5000 R700VW, Inspiron 5000e C500GW, Inspiron 5000e C600, Inspiron 5000e C600GW, Inspiron 5000e C600-NT, Inspiron 5000e G600, Inspiron 5000e G700, Inspiron 5000e G750, Inspiron 5000e G800, Inspiron 5000e G850, Inspiron 5000e R600LG, Inspiron 5000e R650, Inspiron 5000e R650UW, Inspiron 5000e R700, Inspiron 5000e R700UW, Inspiron 5000e R750, Inspiron 5000e R750UW, Inspiron 5000e R800, Inspiron 5000e R800UO, Inspiron 5000e R850, Inspiron 7000 A333GT, Inspiron 7000 A366LT, Inspiron 7000 A400, Inspiron 7000 C366, Inspiron 7000 C400, Inspiron 7000 D266GT/D266XT, Inspiron 7000 D300GT, Inspiron 7000 D300LT, Inspiron 7500 A433LT, Inspiron 7500 A466LT, Inspiron 7500 C433, Inspiron 7500 C450VT, Inspiron 7500 C466, Inspiron 7500 C500LW, Inspiron 7500 C600VW, Inspiron 7500 G600VT, Inspiron 7500 G600VW, Inspiron 7500 G600YT, Inspiron 7500 G650VT, Inspiron 7500 G650YT, Inspiron 7500 G700YW, Inspiron 7500 G750YW, Inspiron 7500 R450VT, Inspiron 7500 R500VT, Inspiron 7500 R500YT, Inspiron 8000 C600, Inspiron 8000 C600XW, Inspiron 8000 C700, Inspiron 8000 G650VW, Inspiron 8000 G700UO, Inspiron 8000 P1.0G, Inspiron 8000 R1.0G, Inspiron 8000 R600, Inspiron 8000 R650, Inspiron 8000 R700, Inspiron 8000 R800, Inspiron 8000 R850, Inspiron 8000 R900, Latitude C500, Latitude C510 C1.06G, Latitude C600 1GHz, Latitude C600 700, Latitude C600 750, Latitude C600 850, Latitude C800 1.0G, Latitude C800 850, Latitude CPt 450, Latitude CPt 466, Latitude CPt 500, Latitude CPt 600, Latitude CPt C333GT, Latitude CPt C400GT, Latitude CPt S 500, Latitude CPt S 600, Latitude CPx 450, Latitude CPx 500, Latitude CPx 650, Latitude CPx 750, Latitude CS 400, Latitude CS 500, Latitude CSx H500XT, Latitude CSx Series, Latitude L400 700, Latitude LS 400, Latitude LS 500, Latitude V700, SmartStep 100N



AMILO M-3100 C650, AMILO M-3100 C700, AMILO M-3100 C750, AMILO M-4100 C650, AMILO M-4100 C700, AMILO M-4100 C750, AMILO M-6100 C650, AMILO M-6100 C700, AMILO M-6100 C750, AMILO M-6500 P800, AMILO M-6500 P900, Biblio B110, Biblio B112, CELSIUS Mobile 2, CELSIUS Mobile 800 S, CELSIUS Mobile 810, LifeBook A-4170, LifeBook B142, LifeBook B-2130, LifeBook B-2131, LifeBook B-2154, LifeBook B-2175 (FPC010131), LifeBook B-2175 (FPC010132), LifeBook B-2175CE (FPC010131), LifeBook B-2178, LifeBook B-2548, LifeBook B-2562 (FPCM10160), LifeBook B-2562 (FPCM10161), LifeBook B-2566 (FPCM10159), LifeBook B-2620, LifeBook BP600 (FPCM10151), LifeBook BP600 (FPCM10152), LifeBook C325, LifeBook C352, LifeBook C353, LifeBook C360, LifeBook C-4120, LifeBook C-4235, LifeBook C-4355, LifeBook C-5130, LifeBook C-5235, LifeBook C-6177, LifeBook C-6185, LifeBook C-6320, LifeBook C-6330, LifeBook C-6345, LifeBook C-6355, LifeBook C-6525, LifeBook C-6535, LifeBook C-6537, LifeBook C-6547, LifeBook C-6555, LifeBook C-6556, LifeBook C-6557, LifeBook C-6560, LifeBook C-6565, LifeBook C-6571, LifeBook C-6572, LifeBook C-6577, LifeBook C-6581 , LifeBook C-6591 , LifeBook C-6592, LifeBook C-6598, LifeBook C-6611 , LifeBook C-6611 (FPCM57043) , LifeBook C-6611 1.0G, LifeBook C-6611 900, LifeBook C-6631 (FPCM57046) , LifeBook C-6631 1.0G, LifeBook C-6631 900, LifeBook C-6632, LifeBook C-7631 1.0G, LifeBook C-7631 900, LifeBook E P650 (FPCM50510, LifeBook E P650 (FPCM50511), LifeBook E P650 (FPCM50512), LifeBook E P750 (FPCM50513), LifeBook E P750 (FPCM50514), LifeBook E P750 (FPCM50515), LifeBook E P850 (FPCM50516), LifeBook E P850 (FPCM50517), LifeBook E P850 (FPCM50518), LifeBook E330, LifeBook E335, LifeBook E335 Pentium II 233 (FPC030103), LifeBook E340, LifeBook E340 Pentium II 266 (FPC030111), LifeBook E340 Pentium II 266 (FPC030113), LifeBook E342, LifeBook E342 (FPC030162), LifeBook E342 (FPC030163), LifeBook E350, LifeBook E350 Pentium II 300 (FPC030121), LifeBook E351, LifeBook E360, LifeBook E360 (FPC030181), LifeBook E360 Pentium II 333 (FPC030183), LifeBook E362, LifeBook E370, LifeBook E370 (FPC030191), LifeBook E370 Pentium II 366 (FPC030192), LifeBook E380, LifeBook E-5140, LifeBook E-5320, LifeBook E-5520, LifeBook E-6150, LifeBook E-6170 (FPC03034J), LifeBook E-6520, LifeBook E-6530, LifeBook E-6540, LifeBook E-6541, LifeBook E-6550, LifeBook E-6555CD, LifeBook E-6555CR, LifeBook E-6555DV, LifeBook E-6556, LifeBook E-6557, LifeBook E-6565CD, LifeBook E-6565CR, LifeBook E-6565DV, LifeBook E-6570, LifeBook E-6571, LifeBook E-6575CD, LifeBook E-6575CR, LifeBook E-6575DV, LifeBook E-6585CD, LifeBook E-6585CR, LifeBook E-6585DV, LifeBook E-6595, LifeBook E-6595CD, LifeBook E-6595CR, LifeBook E-6595DV, LifeBook FPCM40501, LifeBook FPCM40502, LifeBook FPCM40503, LifeBook FPCM57041, LifeBook FPCM57042, LifeBook FPCM57044, LifeBook FPCM57045, LifeBook i-4177, LifeBook i-4187, LifeBook i-4190, LifeBook L440, LifeBook L440 (FPC04004H), LifeBook L440 Pentium II 266 (FPC040046), LifeBook L440 Pentium II 266 (FPC04004J), LifeBook L440-B, LifeBook L440-B Pentium II 266, LifeBook L440-B Pentium II 266 (FPC040041), LifeBook L440-B Pentium II 266 (FPC040043), LifeBook L440-B Pentium II 266 (FPC04004E), LifeBook L440-B Pentium II 266 (FPC04004F), LifeBook L470, LifeBook L470 Pentium II 366 (FPC040071), LifeBook S-4510, LifeBook S-4510 , LifeBook S-4542 (FPC040441), LifeBook S-4542 (FPC040442), LifeBook S-4542 (FPC040443), LifeBook S-4542 (FPC040444), LifeBook S-4542 (FPC040445), LifeBook S-4542 (FPC040446), LifeBook S-4545, LifeBook S-4546 (FPC040451), LifeBook S-4546 (FPC040452), LifeBook S-4546 (FPC040453), LifeBook S-4546 (FPC040454), LifeBook S-4562, LifeBook S-4572, LifeBook S-4572 (FPCM40504) , LifeBook S-5582 (FPCM40510), LifeBook S-5582 (FPCM40511), LifeBook X-7595, LiteLine , LiteLine Plus , Point 1600, Stylistic 2300, Stylistic 3400C, Stylistic 3400S, Stylistic 3400X, Stylistic 3500R, Stylistic 3500S, Stylistic 3500X, Stylistic LT C-500



Profile 1s, Solo 1100, Solo 1150cl 550c, Solo 1150cl 650c, Solo 1150cs 550c, Solo 1150cs 700c, Solo 1400b LS Pro, Solo 2150cl, Solo 2150cl deluxe, Solo 2150cs, Solo 2150cs deluxe, Solo 2500 LS, Solo 2500 SE, Solo 2500 XL, Solo 2500ls, Solo 2500se, Solo 2500xl, Solo 2550 series, Solo 3150 LS, Solo 3150 SE, Solo 3150 XL, Solo 3350 700 , Solo 3350 deluxe 700, Solo 3350 Special 600, Solo 3350 Special deluxe 600, Solo 3350cs 600, Solo 3350cs deluxe 600, Solo 5100 LS, Solo 5100 SE, Solo 5100 XL, Solo 5150 LS, Solo 5150 SE, Solo 5150 XL, Solo 5300cl, Solo 5300cl deluxe, Solo 5300cs, Solo 5300cs deluxe, Solo 5300cx, Solo 5300cx deluxe, Solo 5300ls 700c , Solo 5300ls 750 , Solo 5300ls 850, Solo 5300ls 900, Solo 5300ls deluxe 700c , Solo 5300ls deluxe 750, Solo 5300ls deluxe 850, Solo 5300ls deluxe 900, Solo 5300se 700c , Solo 5300se 750 , Solo 5300se 850 , Solo 5300se 900 , Solo 5300se deluxe 700c , Solo 5300se deluxe 750, Solo 5300se deluxe 850, Solo 5300se deluxe 900 , Solo 5300xl 850 , Solo 5300xl 900 , Solo 5300xl deluxe 850 , Solo 5300xl deluxe 900 , Solo 9150 LS, Solo 9150 SE, Solo 9150 XL, Solo 9300cl, Solo 9300cl deluxe, Solo 9300cs, Solo 9300cs deluxe, Solo 9300cx, Solo 9300cx deluxe, Solo/Business 2500 LS, Solo/Business 2500 SE, Solo/Business 2500 XL, Solo/Business 3150 LS, Solo/Business 3150 SE, Solo/Business 3150 XL, Solo/Business 5150 LS, Solo/Business 5150 SE, Solo/Business 5150 XL, Solo/Business 9150 LS, Solo/Business 9150 SE, Solo/Business 9150 XL



DesignJet 500/500PS, DesignJet 800/800PS, OmniBook 2120, 2121, 2122, 2123, OmniBook 2124, 2125, OmniBook 2126, 2127, OmniBook 4150 (F1640WT), OmniBook 4150 (F1641NT), OmniBook 4150 (F1641WT), OmniBook 4150 (F1642NT), OmniBook 4150 (F1642WT), OmniBook 4150 (F1647NT), OmniBook 4150 (F1647WT), OmniBook 4150 400 , OmniBook 4150 450, OmniBook 4150 500, OmniBook 4150 650, OmniBook 4150 C450, OmniBook 4150 Lite 500, OmniBook 4150 Lite C450, OmniBook 4150 Series, OmniBook 4151T (F1629NT), OmniBook 4151T (F1629WT), OmniBook 500 (F2157K) , OmniBook 500 (F2157W), OmniBook 500 (F2163K), Omnibook 500 (F2163W), Omnibook 500 (F2974A) , Omnibook 500 (F2975A) , OmniBook 500 (F3476A) , OmniBook 500 (F3477A) , OmniBook 500 (F3477K) , OmniBook 500 (F3477W) , OmniBook 500 (F3478A) , OmniBook 500 (F3478K), OmniBook 500 (F3478W) , OmniBook 500 (F3479A) , OmniBook 500 (F3480A) , OmniBook 500 (F3481A) , OmniBook 500 (F3482A) , OmniBook 500 (F3483A), OmniBook 500 (F3484A) , OmniBook 500 (F3486A) , OmniBook 500 (F3487A), OmniBook 500 (F3488A) , OmniBook 500 C500 (F2158K), OmniBook 500 C500 (F2158W), OmniBook 500 C500 (F2159K), OmniBook 500 C500 (F2159W), OmniBook 500 C600 (F3477KT) , OmniBook 500 C600 (F3477WT) , OmniBook 500 C600 (F3478KT) , OmniBook 500 C600 (F3478WT) , OmniBook 500 P600 (F2161K), OmniBook 500 P600 (F2161W), OmniBook 500 P600 (F2162K), OmniBook 500 P600 (F2162W), OmniBook 500 P600 (F2164K), OmniBook 500 P600 (F2164W), OmniBook 500 P600 (F2165K), OmniBook 500 P600 (F2165W), Omnibook 500 P700, OmniBook 500 P700 (F2167KT) , OmniBook 500 P700 (F2167WT) , OmniBook 500 P700 (F2168KT) , OmniBook 500 P700 (F2168WT) , OmniBook 500 P700 (F2974KT) , OmniBook 500 P700 (F2974WT) , OmniBook 500 P700 (F3480KT) , OmniBook 500 P700 (F3480WT) , OmniBook 500 P700 (F3481KT) , OmniBook 500 P700 (F3481WT) , OmniBook 500 P700 (F3482KT) , OmniBook 500 P700 (F3482WT) , OmniBook 500 P700 (F3483KT) , OmniBook 500 P700 (F3483WT) , OmniBook 500 P700 (F3488KT) , OmniBook 500 P700 (F3488WT) , OmniBook 500 P750 (F2975KT) , OmniBook 500 P750 (F2975WT) , OmniBook 500 P750 (F3485KT) , OmniBook 500 P750 (F3485WT) , OmniBook 500 P750 (F3486KT) , OmniBook 500 P750 (F3486WT) , OmniBook 500 P750 (F3487KT) , OmniBook 500 P750 (F3487WT) , OmniBook 500 Series, OmniBook 6000 (F2182W), OmniBook 6000 (F2184K), OmniBook 6000 (F2184W), OmniBook 6000 (F2186K), OmniBook 6000 (F2186W), OmniBook 6000 (F2188W/K) , OmniBook 6000 (F2197W/K), OmniBook 6000 (F2200W/K), OmniBook 6000 (F2202W/K), OmniBook 6000 C550, OmniBook 6000 C650, OmniBook 6000 C750, OmniBook 6000 F2081K , OmniBook 6000 F2081W, OmniBook 6000 F2140K , OmniBook 6000 F2140W, OmniBook 6000 F2141K , OmniBook 6000 F2141W , OmniBook 6000 F2144K , OmniBook 6000 F2144W , OmniBook 6000 F2145K , OmniBook 6000 F2145W , OmniBook 6000 F2148K, OmniBook 6000 F2148W, OmniBook 6000 F2150K , OmniBook 6000 F2150W, OmniBook 6000 F2182K , OmniBook 6000 Lite F2072, OmniBook 6000 Lite F2073, OmniBook 6000 Lite F2081, OmniBook 6000 Lite F2082, OmniBook 6000 P600, OmniBook 6000 P600 (F2080), OmniBook 6000 P650, OmniBook 6000 P650 (F2083), OmniBook 6000 P650 (F2084), OmniBook 6000 P700 (F2087), OmniBook 6000 P700 (F2088), OmniBook 6000 P700 (F2090), OmniBook 6000 P700 (F2091), OmniBook 6000 P700/14, OmniBook 6000 P700/15, OmniBook 6000 P800/14, OmniBook 6000 P850/15, OmniBook 6000 Series, OmniBook 900 (F1622B), OmniBook 900 400, OmniBook 900 450, OmniBook 900 500, OmniBook 900 600, OmniBook 900 650, OmniBook 900 F1979K , OmniBook 900 F1979N, OmniBook 900 F1979W , OmniBook 900 F1980K , OmniBook 900 F1980N , OmniBook 900 F1980W , OmniBook 900 F2007K , OmniBook 900 F2007N, OmniBook 900 F2007W, OmniBook 900 Series, OmniBook XE, OmniBook XE2 366, OmniBook XE2 400, OmniBook XE2 450, OmniBook XE2 500, OmniBook XE2 600, OmniBook XE2 C433, OmniBook XE2 C450, OmniBook XE2 C500, OmniBook XE2 C550, OmniBook XE2 F2051W, OmniBook XE2 F2052W, OmniBook XE2 F2053K, OmniBook XE2 F2053W, OmniBook XE2 F2054K, OmniBook XE2 F2054W, OmniBook XE2 F2055K, OmniBook XE2 F2055W, OmniBook XE2 F2068W, OmniBook XE2 F2069W, OmniBook XE2 Series, OmniBook XE2-A 450, OmniBook XE2-A 500, OmniBook XE2-A 550, OmniBook XE3 (F2339W/K), OmniBook XE3 (F2340W/K), OmniBook XE3 (F3776W/K), OmniBook XE3 (F3777W/K), OmniBook XE3 (F3780WT) , OmniBook XE3 (F3781WT) , Omnibook XE3 1.0G, OmniBook XE3 100MHz FSB, OmniBook XE3 700, OmniBook XE3 750, Omnibook XE3 900, OmniBook XE3 C600, OmniBook XE3 C650, Omnibook XE3 C700, OmniBook XE3 D800, OmniBook XE3 F2300K, OmniBook XE3 F2300W, OmniBook XE3 F2301K, OmniBook XE3 F2301W, OmniBook XE3 F2302K, OmniBook XE3 F2302W, OmniBook XE3 F2303K , OmniBook XE3 F2303W, OmniBook XE3 F2304K , OmniBook XE3 F2304W , OmniBook XE3 F2305K, OmniBook XE3 F2305W, OmniBook XE3 F2306K , OmniBook XE3 F2306W, OmniBook XE3 F2307K, OmniBook XE3 F2307W, OmniBook XE3 F2308K, OmniBook XE3 F2308W, OmniBook XE3 F2309K, OmniBook XE3 F2309W, OmniBook XE3 F2310K, OmniBook XE3 F2310W, OmniBook XE3 F2311K, OmniBook XE3 F2311W, OmniBook XE3 F2320K, OmniBook XE3 F2320W, OmniBook XE3 F2321K, OmniBook XE3 F2321W, OmniBook XE3 F2325K, OmniBook XE3 F2325W, OmniBook XE3 F2326K, OmniBook XE3 F2326W, OmniBook XE3 P1.0G (F3778K/W), Omnibook XE3 P700-M (F2974), OmniBook XE3 P850 (F3883WT), Pavilion n3110, Pavilion n3150, Pavilion n3190, Pavilion n3210, Pavilion n3215, Pavilion n3250, Pavilion n3270, Pavilion n3290, Pavilion n3295, Pavilion n3310, Pavilion N3330, Pavilion n3350, Pavilion n3370, Pavilion n3390, Pavilion n3402, Pavilion n3410, Pavilion n3438, Pavilion n3478, Pavilion n5130, Pavilion n5150, Pavilion n5170, Pavilion n5190, Pavilion n5195, Pavilion n5210 (F2360M), Pavilion n5240 (F2361M), Pavilion n5250 (F2362M), Pavilion n5270 (F2363M), Pavilion n5290 (F2364M), Pavilion n5295, Pavilion n5310, Pavilion n5340, Pavilion n5350, Pavilion n5390, Pavilion n5420L , Pavilion n5430 , Pavilion n6395, Pavilion xh136, Pavilion xh156, Pavilion xh176, Pavilion XH216 , Pavilion XH365 , Pavilion xu155, Pavilion zu1175



ThinkPad 1411 Pentium 300 MMX, ThinkPad 240 2609, ThinkPad 240 2609-31U, ThinkPad 240 2609-41U, ThinkPad 240 2609-51U, ThinkPad 240 2609-52U, ThinkPad 240 2609-62U, ThinkPad 240 300, ThinkPad 390, ThinkPad 390 2626-20U, ThinkPad 390 2626-50U, ThinkPad 390 2626-70U, ThinkPad 390 2626-AR1, ThinkPad 390E, ThinkPad 390E 2626-C0U, ThinkPad 390E 2626-D0U, ThinkPad 390E 2626-E0U, ThinkPad 390E 2626-ENU, ThinkPad 390X 2626-FOU, ThinkPad 390X 2626-H0U, ThinkPad 390X 2626-HNU, ThinkPad 390X 2626-J0U, ThinkPad 390X 2626-JNU, ThinkPad 390X 2626-LNU, ThinkPad 390X 2626-LSU, ThinkPad 390X 2626-MNU, ThinkPad 390X 2626-MOU, ThinkPad 390X 400, ThinkPad 390X 450, ThinkPad 390X 500, ThinkPad 570, ThinkPad 570 2644-3AU, ThinkPad 570 2644-3BU, ThinkPad 570 2644-5AU, ThinkPad 570 2644-5BU, ThinkPad 570 300, ThinkPad 570 333, ThinkPad 570 366, ThinkPad 570E, ThinkPad 570E 2643-6AA, ThinkPad 570E 2644-6AU, ThinkPad 600, ThinkPad 600 (2645-21U, 2645-31U), ThinkPad 600 (2645-35U/41U), ThinkPad 600 (2645-51U), ThinkPad 600 233, ThinkPad 600 2645-45U/85U, ThinkPad 600E 2645-3AU, ThinkPad 600E 2645-4AU, ThinkPad 600E 2645-4BU, ThinkPad 600E 2645-55U, ThinkPad 600E 2645-5AU, ThinkPad 600E 2645-5BU, ThinkPad 600E 2645-8AU, ThinkPad 600E 2645-8BU, ThinkPad 600X, ThinkPad 600X 2645-4EU, ThinkPad 600X 2645-5EU, ThinkPad 600X 2645-5FU, ThinkPad 600X 2645-7EU, ThinkPad 600X 2645-7EU , ThinkPad 600X 2645-8EU, ThinkPad 600X 2645-8PU, ThinkPad 600X 2645-9EU, ThinkPad 600X 2645-9FU, ThinkPad 770 (9548-7xx), ThinkPad 770X, ThinkPad 770Z 9549-8XU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-12U, ThinkPad A20m 2628-14U, ThinkPad A20m 2628-1AU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-1CU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-1TU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-1UU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-1VU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-1XU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-1xx/2xx, ThinkPad A20m 2628-21U, ThinkPad A20m 2628-22U, ThinkPad A20m 2628-24U, ThinkPad A20m 2628-2TU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-2XU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-32U, ThinkPad A20m 2628-3AU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-3CU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-3SU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-3TU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-3UU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-3VU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-3XU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-3xx, ThinkPad A20m 2628-42U, ThinkPad A20m 2628-4AU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-4CU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-4LU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-4SU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-4TU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-4UU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-4VU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-4WU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-4XU, ThinkPad A20m 2628-4xx, ThinkPad A20p 2629, ThinkPad A20p 2629-62U, ThinkPad A20p 2629-6AU, ThinkPad A20p 2629-6CU, ThinkPad A20p 2629-6SU, ThinkPad A20p 2629-6TU, ThinkPad A20p 2629-6UU, ThinkPad A20p 2629-6VU, ThinkPad A21e 2628-C2U, ThinkPad A21e 2628-CSU, ThinkPad A21e 2628-CTU, ThinkPad A21e 2628-CXU, ThinkPad A21e 2628-Cxx, ThinkPad A21e 2628-CYU , ThinkPad A21e 2628-J1U, ThinkPad A21e 2628-J2U, ThinkPad A21e 2628-JAU, ThinkPad A21e 2628-JCU, ThinkPad A21e 2628-JSU, ThinkPad A21e 2628-JTU, ThinkPad A21e 2628-JUU, ThinkPad A21e 2628-JVU, ThinkPad A21e 2628-JWU, ThinkPad A21e 2628-JXU, ThinkPad A21e 2628-Jxx, ThinkPad A21e 2655-23U, ThinkPad A21e 2655-2xx/7xx, ThinkPad A21e 2655-43U, ThinkPad A21e 2655-4xx/9xx, ThinkPad A21e 2655-71U, ThinkPad A21e 2655-73U, ThinkPad A21e 2655-91U, ThinkPad A21e 2655-93U, ThinkPad A21e TA173UK , ThinkPad A21m 2628-D2U, ThinkPad A21m 2628-DSU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-DTU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-DWU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-DXU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-Dxx, ThinkPad A21m 2628-E2U, ThinkPad A21m 2628-ESU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-ETU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-EWU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-EXU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-Exx, ThinkPad A21m 2628-F2U, ThinkPad A21m 2628-FSU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-FTU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-FWU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-FXU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-Fxx, ThinkPad A21m 2628-G2U, ThinkPad A21m 2628-G6U, ThinkPad A21m 2628-G7U, ThinkPad A21m 2628-G8U, ThinkPad A21m 2628-G9U, ThinkPad A21m 2628-GLU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-GSU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-GTU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-GWU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-GXU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-Gxx, ThinkPad A21m 2628-P2U, ThinkPad A21m 2628-PSU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-PTU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-Pxx, ThinkPad A21m 2628-QSU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-QTU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-QUU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-QVU, ThinkPad A21m 2628-Qxx, ThinkPad A21p 2629, ThinkPad A21p 2629-H2U, ThinkPad A21p 2629-HSU, ThinkPad A21p 2629-HTU, ThinkPad A21p 2629-HWU, ThinkPad A21p 2629-HXU, ThinkPad A22e 2655, ThinkPad A22e 2655-27U, ThinkPad A22e 2655-45U , ThinkPad A22e 2655-47U , ThinkPad A22e 2655-75U , ThinkPad A22e 2655-77U , ThinkPad A22e 2655-95U , ThinkPad A22e 2655-97U , ThinkPad A22e 2663, ThinkPad A22e 2663-77U , ThinkPad A22e TA277UK , ThinkPad A22e TA2D7UK , ThinkPad A22e TA2J7UK , ThinkPad A22e TA2x2-7UK, ThinkPad A22m 2628-P2U , ThinkPad A22m 2628-PSU , ThinkPad A22m 2628-PTU , ThinkPad A22m 2628-Pxx, ThinkPad A22m 2628-Q2U , ThinkPad A22m 2628-QRU , ThinkPad A22m 2628-QSU , ThinkPad A22m 2628-QTU , ThinkPad A22m 2628-QVU , ThinkPad A22m 2628-Qxx, ThinkPad A22m 2628-R2U, ThinkPad A22m 2628-RSU, ThinkPad A22m 2628-RTU , ThinkPad A22m 2628-Rxx, ThinkPad A22m 2628-S2U, ThinkPad A22m 2628-SSU, ThinkPad A22m 2628-STU, ThinkPad A22m 2628-Sxx, ThinkPad A22m 2628-T2U, ThinkPad A22m 2628-T7U, ThinkPad A22m 2628-T8U, ThinkPad A22m 2628-TRU , ThinkPad A22m 2628-TSU, ThinkPad A22m 2628-TTU, ThinkPad A22m 2628-TUU, ThinkPad A22m 2628-TVU, ThinkPad A22m 2628-TWU, ThinkPad A22m 2628-TXU, ThinkPad A22m 2628-Txx, ThinkPad A22m 2628-VSU , ThinkPad A22m 2628-VTU , ThinkPad A22m 2628-Vxx, ThinkPad A22m 2628-WTU , ThinkPad A22m 2628-Wxx, ThinkPad A22m TA2Q-SUK, ThinkPad A22p 2629-U2U, ThinkPad A22p 2629-URU , ThinkPad A22p 2629-USU, ThinkPad A22p 2629-UTU, ThinkPad A22p 2629-UUU , ThinkPad A22p 2629-UVU , ThinkPad A22p 2629-Uxx, ThinkPad A22p 2629-Y2U , ThinkPad A22p 2629-YSU , ThinkPad A22p 2629-YTU , ThinkPad A22p 2629-YUU , ThinkPad A22p 2629-YVU , ThinkPad A22p 2629-Yxx, ThinkPad i Series 1200 1161-43U , ThinkPad i Series 1200 1161-53U , ThinkPad i Series 1300 1171-4MU , ThinkPad i Series 1300 1171-5CU , ThinkPad i Series 1300 1171-5XU , ThinkPad i Series 1300 1171-6MU , ThinkPad i Series 1300 1171-6NU , ThinkPad i Series 1300 1171-6XU , ThinkPad i Series 1300 1171-8MU , ThinkPad i Series 1300 1171-8XU , ThinkPad i Series 1300 1171-8ZU , ThinkPad i Series 1300 1171-9MU , ThinkPad i Series 1300 1171-9XU , ThinkPad i1200 116-1210, ThinkPad I1200 1161-210, ThinkPad i1200 116-1230, ThinkPad i1200 116-1250, ThinkPad i1200 116-1260, ThinkPad I1200 1161-41U, ThinkPad I1200 1161-42U, ThinkPad i1200 1161-43U, ThinkPad I1200 1161-51U, ThinkPad I1200 1161-62U, ThinkPad I1200 1161-71U, ThinkPad I1200 1161-92U, ThinkPad i1200 1161-xxx, ThinkPad i1200 MDD-1220, ThinkPad i1200 MDD-1230, ThinkPad i1200 MDD-1250, ThinkPad i1200 MDD-1260, ThinkPad I1300 1171-2AU, ThinkPad i1300 1171-4MU, ThinkPad I1300 1171-5BU, ThinkPad i1300 1171-5CU, ThinkPad I1300 1171-5WU, ThinkPad i1300 1171-5XU, ThinkPad I1300 1171-5YU, ThinkPad I1300 1171-61U, ThinkPad I1300 1171-6KU, ThinkPad I1300 1171-6LU, ThinkPad i1300 1171-6MU, ThinkPad i1300 1171-6XU, ThinkPad I1300 1171-71U, ThinkPad I1300 1171-7WU, ThinkPad I1300 1171-7YU, ThinkPad i1300 1171-8MU, ThinkPad I1300 1171-91U, ThinkPad I1300 1171-9KU, ThinkPad I1300 1171-9LU, ThinkPad i1300 1171-9XU, ThinkPad i1300 1171-xxx, ThinkPad i1310 117-1310, ThinkPad i1310 MDD-1310, ThinkPad i1330 117-1330, ThinkPad i1330 MDD-1330, ThinkPad i1340 117-1340, ThinkPad i1340 MDD-1340, ThinkPad i1370 117-1370, ThinkPad i1370 MDD-1370, ThinkPad i1400 Series 14E2, ThinkPad i1410, ThinkPad i1412, ThinkPad i1421, ThinkPad i1422, ThinkPad i1441, ThinkPad i1442, ThinkPad i1450, ThinkPad i1452, ThinkPad i1472, ThinkPad i1482, ThinkPad i1483, ThinkPad i1492, ThinkPad i1500 (2611) Series 1552, ThinkPad i1500 2611, ThinkPad i1500 2621, ThinkPad i1540, ThinkPad i1541, ThinkPad i1542, ThinkPad i1560, ThinkPad i1562, ThinkPad i1592, ThinkPad i1720, ThinkPad T 2647-21U, ThinkPad T 2647-24U, ThinkPad T 2647-31U, ThinkPad T 2647-41U, ThinkPad T 2647-44U, ThinkPad T 2647-46U, ThinkPad T 2647-52U, ThinkPad T 2647-55U, ThinkPad T 2647-61U, ThinkPad T 2647-64U, ThinkPad T 2647-81U, ThinkPad T 2647-84U, ThinkPad T 2647-86U, ThinkPad T 2647-92U, ThinkPad T 2647-95U, ThinkPad T 2647-L1U, ThinkPad T20 2648-xxx, ThinkPad T20 P650, ThinkPad T20 P700, ThinkPad T20 P750, ThinkPad T21 2548-xxx, ThinkPad T21 2647-2AU, ThinkPad T21 2647-2BU, ThinkPad T21 2647-3CU, ThinkPad T21 2647-3EU, ThinkPad T21 2647-47U, ThinkPad T21 2647-48U, ThinkPad T21 2647-4AU, ThinkPad T21 2647-4BU, ThinkPad T21 2647-4CU, ThinkPad T21 2647-4EU, ThinkPad T21 2647-57U, ThinkPad T21 2647-5AU, ThinkPad T21 2647-5BU, ThinkPad T21 2647-5CU, ThinkPad T21 2647-5EU, ThinkPad T21 2647-67U, ThinkPad T21 2647-6AU, ThinkPad T21 2647-6BU, ThinkPad T21 2647-7CU, ThinkPad T21 2647-7EU, ThinkPad T21 2647-87U, ThinkPad T21 2647-88U, ThinkPad T21 2647-8AU, ThinkPad T21 2647-8BU, ThinkPad T21 2647-8CU, ThinkPad T21 2647-8EU, ThinkPad T21 2647-8GU, ThinkPad T21 2647-97U, ThinkPad T21 2647-9AU, ThinkPad T21 2647-9BU, ThinkPad T21 2647-9CU, ThinkPad T21 2647-9EU, ThinkPad T21 2647-DAU, ThinkPad T21 2647-EAU, ThinkPad T21 2647-L7U, ThinkPad T21 2647-LCU, ThinkPad T21 2647-xxx, ThinkPad T21 2648-xxx, ThinkPad T22 2647-4GU , ThinkPad T22 2647-6CU , ThinkPad T22 2647-6EU , ThinkPad T22 2647-AEU , ThinkPad T22 2647-ECU , ThinkPad T22 2647-M2U , ThinkPad T22 2647-M3U , ThinkPad T22 2647-M4U , ThinkPad T22 2647-M5U , ThinkPad T22 2647-M6U, ThinkPad T22 2647-N5U , ThinkPad T22 2647-N6U , ThinkPad T22 TT25EUK , ThinkPad T22 TT27EUK, ThinkPad T22 TT28GUK, ThinkPad T22 TT29EUK , ThinkPad T22 TT2D3UK , ThinkPad T22 TT2D5UK , ThinkPad T22 TT2x-xUK, ThinkPad TransNote 2675-22U, ThinkPad TransNote 2675-61U, ThinkPad TransNote 2675-62U, ThinkPad TransNote 2675-xxx, ThinkPad X20 2660-xxx, ThinkPad X20 2662-12U, ThinkPad X20 2662-31U, ThinkPad X20 2662-32U, ThinkPad X20 2662-34U, ThinkPad X20 2662-35U, ThinkPad X20 2662-36U, ThinkPad X20 2662-37U, ThinkPad X20 2662-xxx, ThinkPad X21 2660-xxx, ThinkPad X21 2662-41U, ThinkPad X21 2662-42U, ThinkPad X21 2662-61U, ThinkPad X21 2662-62U, ThinkPad X21 2662-64U, ThinkPad X21 2662-65U, ThinkPad X21 2662-66U, ThinkPad X21 2662-67U, ThinkPad X21 2662-6HU , ThinkPad X21 2662-6MU, ThinkPad X21 2662-6NU, ThinkPad X21 2662-xxx, ThinkPad X21 TX14-xUK, ThinkPad X21 TX164UK , ThinkPad X21 TX166UK , ThinkPad X21 TX16HUK , ThinkPad X21 TX16-xUK, ThinkPad X22 TX28NUK , ThinkPad X22 TX295UK , ThinkPad X22 TX297UK , ThinkPad X22 TX29DUK , ThinkPad X23 P866



PowerMate 2000 600, PowerMate 2000 933, Ready Notebook 440T, SuperScript 4650, SuperScript 4650N , SuperScript 4650NX, Versa Aptitude C750, Versa Aptitude P1.0G, Versa Daylite, Versa DayLite Plus, Versa FX 400, Versa FX 500, Versa FXi 500, Versa FXi 600, Versa L320 1.13G, Versa L320 866 , Versa LX, Versa LX VL210, Versa LX VL330, Versa LX VL440, Versa LXi 450, Versa LXi 500, Versa LXi 600, Versa LXi 650, Versa LXi 700, Versa LXi 750, Versa LXi 800, Versa LXi 850, Versa Note, Versa Note (PII), Versa SX 333, Versa SX 366, Versa SX 400, Versa SX VS330, Versa SX VS440, Versa SX, VS310, Versa SXi 650, Versa SXi 700, Versa SXi 750, Versa SXi 800, Versa SXi 850, Versa TXI, Versa TXi 800, Versa TXI PIII, Versa UltraLite, Versa VN210, VN230, VN330, Versa VX 400c, Versa VX 450, Versa VX 450c, Versa VX 466c, Versa VX 500, Versa VX 500c, Versa VXi 1000, Versa VXi 500, Versa VXi 500c, Versa VXi 550c, Versa VXi 600, Versa VXi 600c, Versa VXi 650, Versa VXi 700, Versa VXi 750, Versa VXi 900





Tiny: Performance Notebook 500, Performance Notebook 700, SJ1 , TBN1 , TBN2 , TN1 , TN2 , TN3



Portege 4005, Portege 7000CT, Portege 7010, Portege 7010CT, Portege 7010CT Pentium II 300, Portege 7010CT-NT, Portege 7020, Portege 7020CT, Portege 7020CT Pentium II 366, Portege 7020CT-NT, Portege 7140CT, Portege 7140CT-NT, Portege 7200CT, Portege 7200CTe, Portege 7200CT-NT, Portege 7220CTe, Satellite 1555CDS, Satellite 1605CDS, Satellite 1620CDS, Satellite 1625CDT, Satellite 1640CDT, Satellite 1670CDS, Satellite 1675CDT, Satellite 1690CDT, Satellite 1695CDT, Satellite 1710 CDS, Satellite 1715XCDS, Satellite 1730, Satellite 1730CDS, Satellite 1735, Satellite 1750, Satellite 1755, Satellite 1800-S203, Satellite 1800-S207, Satellite 1800-S253, Satellite 1800-S274, Satellite 1805-S203, Satellite 1805-S204 , Satellite 1805-S207 , Satellite 1805-S253, Satellite 1805-S254 , Satellite 1805-S273, Satellite 2060CDS, Satellite 2065CDS, Satellite 2100CDS, Satellite 2100CDT, Satellite 2140XCDS, Satellite 2180CDT, Satellite 2210CDT, Satellite 2210XCDS, Satellite 2230 CDS, Satellite 2250CDT, Satellite 2250XCDS, Satellite 2590CDT, Satellite 2595CDS, Satellite 2595CDT, Satellite 2595XDVD, Satellite 2615, Satellite 2615DVD, Satellite 2650 XDVD, Satellite 2655, Satellite 2655XDVD, Satellite 2670 DVD, Satellite 2675DVD, Satellite 2710XDVD, Satellite 2715XDVD, Satellite 2750DVD, Satellite 2755DVD (PS275U-4K9J0K), Satellite 2770XDVD, Satellite 2775XDVD, Satellite 2800-S201, Satellite 2800-S202, Satellite 2800-S301, Satellite 2800-S401, Satellite 2805-S201, Satellite 2805-S202, Satellite 2805-S301, Satellite 2805-S302, Satellite 2805-S401, Satellite 2805-S402, Satellite 2805-S503, Satellite 2805-S603, Satellite 3000-S304 , Satellite 3000-S353, Satellite 3005-S303, Satellite 3005-S403, Satellite 30CDT (PS30CA-1C7K3), Satellite 4000CDS, Satellite 4000CDS Pentium II 233, Satellite 4000CDT, Satellite 4000CDT Pentium II 233 (PA1273U-T2C), Satellite 4005CDS, Satellite 4005CDT, Satellite 4010CDS, Satellite 4010CDT, Satellite 4015CDS, Satellite 4015CDT, Satellite 4020, Satellite 4020CDT, Satellite 4025, Satellite 4030, Satellite 4030CDT, Satellite 4030CDT-NT, Satellite 4060CDT, Satellite 4060CDT Pentium II 333, Satellite 4060CDT-NT, Satellite 4060XCDT, Satellite 4070 CDS, Satellite 4070 CDT, Satellite 4080XCDT, Satellite 4080XCDT-NT, Satellite 4090XDVD, Satellite 4090XDVD Celeron 400 (PAS409U-T2DW8), Satellite 4090XDVD-NT, Satellite 4100, Satellite 4100XDVD, Satellite 4100XDVD NT Pentium II 400 (PAS410U-T2DN4), Satellite 4100XDVD Pentium II 400 (PAS410U-T2DW8), Satellite 4100XDVD-NT, Satellite 5005-S507, Satellite Pro 4200, Satellite Pro 4220XCDT/NT, Satellite Pro 4260DVD, Satellite Pro 4270XDVD/4270ZDVD, Satellite Pro 4280XDVD, Satellite Pro 4280ZDVD, Satellite Pro 4290, Satellite Pro 4300 600, Satellite Pro 4300 650, Satellite Pro 4300 700, Satellite Pro 4310, Satellite Pro 4320CD/DVD, Satellite Pro 4340XDVD, Satellite Pro 4360, Satellite Pro 4600 750, Satellite Pro 4600 800, Satellite Pro 4600 850, Satellite Pro 4600/1.0G, Satellite Pro 4600/1.0G/K, Satellite Pro 4600/900, Tecra 8000, Tecra 8000 Pentium II 233 (PAT800U-2151), Tecra 8000 Pentium II 300 (PAT800U-CA51), Tecra 8000 Pentium II 366 (PAT800U-KH71), Tecra 8000 Pentium II 400 (PAT80AU-4B51), Tecra 8000 PII 266, Tecra 8000-4B51, Tecra 8000-4K71, Tecra 8000-C951, Tecra 8000-KB51, Tecra 8000-PB72, Tecra 8100 450, Tecra 8100 500, Tecra 8100 600, Tecra 8100 650, Tecra 8100 700, Tecra 8100 750, Tecra 8100 800, Tecra 8100 850, Tecra 8200 1.0G, Tecra 8200 1.0G PT820U-037EU8, Tecra 8200 1.0G PT820U-037PU1, Tecra 8200 1.0G PT820U-037PU8, Tecra 8200 700, Tecra 8200 750, Tecra 8200 750 PT820U-05X5U1, Tecra 8200 750 PT820U-05X5U8, Tecra 8200 750 PT820U-05XCC1, Tecra 8200 750 PT820U-05XCC8, Tecra 8200 800, Tecra 8200 850, Tecra 8200 850 PT820U-019JU1, Tecra 8200 850 PT820U-019JU8, Tecra 8200 850 PT820U-019TU1, Tecra 8200 850 PT820U-019TU8, Tecra 8200 850 PT820U-01ECU1, Tecra 8200 850 PT820U-01ECU8, Tecra 8200 850 PT820U-01EMU1, Tecra 8200 850 PT820U-01EMU8, Tecra 8200 900, Tecra 8200 900 PT820U-029VU1, Tecra 8200 900 PT820U-029VU8, Tecra 8200 900 PT820U-02C4U1, Tecra 8200 900 PT820U-02C4U8, Tecra 8200 900 PT820U-037EU1



A1000 P700, A1000 P800, A1000 P850, A3000 C600, A3000 C700, A3000 P650, A3000 P700, A3000 P800, A3000 P850, A5000 C600, A5000 C700, A5000 P650, A5000 P700, A5000 P800, A5000 P850, A9000 P650, A9000 P700, A9000 P800, A9000 P850, A9110 P650, PowerSlim 311TZ, Slimnote GX C466, Slimnote GX P450, Slimnote GX P500, Slimnote GX P650, Slimnote VX C450, Slimnote VX P366, Slimnote VX P400, Slimnote VX P450, Slimnote VX P500


Viewsonic ViewPad 1000

WinBook J1 C700, WinBook J1 P1.0G/13.3", WinBook J1 P1.0G/14.1", WinBook J1 P850, WinBook Si C566, WinBook Si C700, WinBook Si P650, WinBook Si P800, WinBook Si P800 DVD, WinBook Si P850, WinBook Si2 P650, WinBook Si2 P700, WinBook Si2 P850, WinBook X1 P1.0G, WinBook X1 P700, WinBook X1 P800, WinBook XL2 300, WinBook XL2 333, WinBook XL2 366, WinBook XL2 400, WinBook XL2 466 DS, WinBook XL2 466 TFT, WinBook XL2 500 DVD, WinBook XL3 500, WinBook XL3 650/128, WinBook XL3 650/64, WinBook Z1 C700, WinBook Z1 C800/SXGA+, WinBook Z1 C800/XGA

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