Infineon 1GB PC2-3200R DDR2 ECC Registered Server / Workstation Memory
  • Infineon 1GB PC2-3200R DDR2 ECC Registered Server / Workstation Memory

Infineon 1GB PC2-3200R DDR2 ECC Registered Server / Workstation Memory

GST included

Infineon 1GB PC2-3200R DDR2 ECC Registered Server / Worstation Memory


  • Security policy (edit with Customer reassurance module) Security policy (edit with Customer reassurance module)
  • Delivery policy (edit with Customer reassurance module) Delivery policy (edit with Customer reassurance module)
  • Return policy (edit with Customer reassurance module) Return policy (edit with Customer reassurance module)





PC2-3200R (400MHz)


Infineon 1GB PC2-3200R


400MHz (DDR2-400)










Low Profile for 1U Servers




Low Profile


Double-sided 1GB DDR2 module


Anti-Static packaging


Lifetime warranty


Some Compatibility List:
Alienware MJ-12 7550i Workstation,
Arima/Rioworks LH510 Motherboard,
Arima/Rioworks LH520 Motherboard,
ASUS/ASmobile NCL-D Motherboard,
ASUS/ASmobile NCL-DE/1U Motherboard,
ASUS/ASmobile NCL-DE/SCSI Motherboard,
ASUS/ASmobile NCL-DS Motherboard,
ASUS/ASmobile NCLV-D2/SATA Motherboard,
ASUS/ASmobile NCLV-DS2 Motherboard,
ASUS/ASmobile NCT-D Motherboard,
ASUS/ASmobile NCT-DA Motherboard,
ASUS/ASmobile PVL-D/1U Motherboard,
ASUS/ASmobile PVL-D/SCSI Motherboard,
ASUS/ASmobile RS160-E2 Server,
ASUS/ASmobile RS160-E3/PS4 Server,
ASUS/ASmobile RS260-E3/RS8 Server,
ASUS/ASmobile TS500-E2 Desktop Server,
Dell PowerEdge 1800,
Dell PowerEdge 1850,
Dell PowerEdge 1855,
Dell PowerEdge 2800,
Dell PowerEdge 2850,
Dell PowerEdge 6800,
Dell PowerEdge 6850,
Dell PowerEdge SC1420,
Dell PowerEdge SC1425,
Dell Precision Workstation 470 / 470n,
Dell Precision Workstation 670 / 670n, 
Gigabyte GA-3CCWL-RH Motherboard,
Gigabyte GA-9ILDTH Motherboard,
Gigabyte GA-9ITDW Motherboard,
Gigabyte GS-SR295D Server,
HP/Compaq - ProLiant BL20p G3,
HP/Compaq - ProLiant DL140 G2,
HP/Compaq - ProLiant DL360 G4p,
HP/Compaq - ProLiant DL380 G4,
HP/Compaq - ProLiant DL580 G3,
HP/Compaq - ProLiant DL580 G4,
HP/Compaq - ProLiant ML350 G4p (DDR2),
HP/Compaq - ProLiant ML570 G3,
HP/Compaq - ProLiant ML570 G4, 
HP/Compaq Workstation xw6200,
HP/Compaq Workstation xw8200,
IBM BladeCenter JS21 (7988, 8844-xxx),
IBM eServer xSeries 226 (8488-xxx),
IBM eServer xSeries 226 (8648-xxx),
IBM eServer xSeries 236 (8841-xxx),
IBM eServer xSeries 260 (8865-xxx),
IBM eServer xSeries 336 (8837-xxx),
IBM eServer xSeries 336 (NY37xxx),
IBM eServer xSeries 346 (8840-xxx),
IBM eServer xSeries 346 (NY40xxx),
IBM eServer xSeries 366 (8863-xxx),
IBM eServer xSeries 460 (8872, 8874-xxx),
IBM eServer xSeries BladeCenter HS20 (7981-xxx),
IBM eServer xSeries BladeCenter HS20 (8843-xxx),
IBM Intellistation Z Pro (6223-xxx),
IBM System x3800 (8865, 8866-xxx),
IBM System x3850 (8863, 8864-xxx),
IBM System x3950 (7363, 7366-xxx),
IBM System x3950 (8872, 8878-xxx),
IBM System x3950E (7364, 7367-xxx),
IBM System x3950E (8874, 8879-xxx), 
Intel SE7320VP2D2 Server,
Intel SE7520AF2 Server,
Intel SE7520BB2 Server,
Intel SE7520BD2D2 Server (DDR2),
Intel SE7520JR2 (DDR2) Server,
Intel SR1450 (DDR2) Server,
Intel SSR212CC Storage System,
Intel SSR212MA Storage System,
Intel TIGI2U Carrier Grade Server,
Iwill DJ800 Motherboard,
Iwill DN800-L Motherboard,
Iwill DN800-SLI Motherboard,
Iwill S800-J Workstation,
MSI E7320 Master2-S / E7320 Master2-A2 Motherboard,
MSI E7520 Master2-S2M Motherboard,
MSI E7520U Master-A2 Motherboard,
MSI E7525 Master-S2 Motherboard,
MSI K2-104 / K2-104 V2 Series Server,
MSI K9ND Master-S4R / K9ND Master-A4R Motherboard,
MSI K9ND Speedster Motherboard,
MSI K9ND Speedster2 Motherboard,
MSI K9NQ Master-A6 Motherboard,
MSI P1-106 Series Server,
MSI X2-104 Series Server,
MSI X2-105 Series Server,
MSI X2-202 Series Server,
Supermicro A+ Server 1021TM-INF+B,
Supermicro A+ Server 1021TM-T+B,
Supermicro A+ Server 1041M-T2+B,
Supermicro A+ Server 2021A-32R+F (AS-2021A-32R+F),
Supermicro A+ Server 2021M-UR+V/2021M-UR+B (AS-2021M-UR+V),
Supermicro A+ Server 2021TM-BIBXRF,
Supermicro A+ Server 2021TM-BTRF,
Supermicro A+ Server 2041M-32R+B,
Supermicro A+ Server 2041M-T2R+B,
Supermicro A+ Server 4041M-32R+B,
Supermicro A+ Server AS1021M-82V (AS-1021M-82V),
Supermicro A+ Server AS1021M-T2+V (AS-1021M-T2+V),
Supermicro A+ Server AS1021M-T2RV (AS-1021M-T2RV),
Supermicro A+ Server AS1021M-T2V (AS-1021M-T2V),
Supermicro A+ Server AS1021M-UR+V (AS-1021M-UR+V),
Supermicro A+ Server AS1041M-82 (AS-1041M-82),
Supermicro A+ Server AS1041M-T2 (AS-1041M-T2),
Supermicro A+ Server AS2021M-32RV (AS-2021M-32RV),
Supermicro A+ Server AS2021M-82R+V (AS-2021M-82R+V),
Supermicro A+ Server AS2021M-T2R+V (AS-2021M-T2R+V),
Supermicro A+ Server AS4021M-32R (AS-4021M-32R),
Supermicro A+ Server AS4021M-82R+ (AS-4021M-82R+),
Supermicro A+ Server AS4021M-T2R+ (AS-4021M-T2R+),
Supermicro A+ Server AS4041M-82R (AS-4041M-82R),
Supermicro A+ Server AS4041M-T2R (AS-4041M-T2R),
Supermicro A+ Workstation AW4021A-T2 (AW-4021A-T2),
Supermicro BHDME Motherboard,
Supermicro BHQME Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DA3-2 Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DA8-2 Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DAE-2 Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DAi-2 Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DI3+ Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DI3+-F Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DM3-2 Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DM8-2 Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DME-2 Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DMi-2 Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DMR-82 Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DMR-i2 Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DMT Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DMT+ Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DMT-F Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DMT-IBX Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DMT-IBXF Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DMT-INF+ Motherboard,
Supermicro H8DMU+ Motherboard,
Supermicro H8QI6+-F Motherboard,
Supermicro H8QI6-F Motherboard,
Supermicro H8QIi+-F Motherboard,
Supermicro H8QIi-F Motherboard,
Supermicro H8QM3-2 Motherboard,
Supermicro H8QM3-2+ Motherboard,
Supermicro H8QM8-2 Motherboard,
Supermicro H8QM8-2+ Motherboard,
Supermicro H8QME-2 Motherboard,
Supermicro H8QME-2+ Motherboard,
Supermicro H8QMi-2 Motherboard,
Supermicro H8QMi-2+ Motherboard,
Supermicro SuperBlade Module SBA-7121M-T1,
Supermicro SuperBlade Module SBA-7141M-T,
Supermicro SuperServer 6014H-32 (SYS-6014H-32),
Supermicro SuperServer 6014H-82 (SYS-6014H-82),
Supermicro SuperServer 6014H-i2 (SYS-6014H-i2),
Supermicro SuperServer 6014L-M (SYS-6014L-M),
Supermicro SuperServer 6014L-M4 (SYS-6014L-M4),
Supermicro SuperServer 6014L-T (SYS-6014L-T),
Supermicro SuperServer 6014P-32 (SYS-6014P-32),
Supermicro SuperServer 6014P-32R (SYS-6014P-32R),
Supermicro SuperServer 6014P-82 (SYS-6014P-82),
Supermicro SuperServer 6014P-82R (SYS-6014P-82R),
Supermicro SuperServer 6024H-32 (SYS-6024H-32),
Supermicro SuperServer 6024H-32R (SYS-6024H-32R),
Supermicro SuperServer 6024H-82 (SYS-6024H-82),
Supermicro SuperServer 6024H-82R (SYS-6024H-82R),
Supermicro SuperServer 6024H-82R+ (SYS-6024H-82R+),
Supermicro SuperServer 6024H-i2 (SYS-6024H-i2),
Supermicro SuperServer 6034H-X8R (SYS-6034H-X8R),
Supermicro SuperServer 7034L-i (SYS-7034L-i),
Supermicro SuperServer 7044A-82R (SYS-7044A-82R),
Supermicro SuperServer 7044H-32R (SYS-7044H-32R),
Supermicro SuperServer 7044H-82/R (SYS-7044H-82/R),
Supermicro SuperServer 7044H-82R+ (SYS-7044H-82R+),
Supermicro SuperServer 7044H-X8R (SYS-7044H-X8R),
Supermicro SuperServer SS8014T-T (SYS-8014T-T),
Supermicro SuperServer SS8044T-8R (SYS-8044T-8R),
Supermicro SuperWorkstation 7044A-32 (SYS-7044A-32),
Supermicro SuperWorkstation 7044A-82 (SYS-7044A-82),
Supermicro SuperWorkstation 7044A-i2 (SYS-7044A-i2),
Supermicro X6DA3-G2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DA8-G2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DAE-G2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DAi-G2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DH3-G2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DH8-G2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DH8-G2+ Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DH8-XG2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DHE-G2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DHE-G2+ Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DHE-XG2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DHi-G2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DHP-3G2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DHP-8G2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DHR-3G2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DHR-8G2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DHR-8GS Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DHR-C8 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DHR-EG2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DHR-iG2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DHR-iGS Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DHR-TG2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DHT-G2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DLP-4G2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DLP-EG2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DVL-iG2 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6DVL-INF Motherboard,
Supermicro X6QT8 Motherboard,
Supermicro X6QTE+ Motherboard,
Tyan Computers Thunder i7525 (S2676),
Tyan Computers Thunder n3600QE (S4980),
Tyan Computers Thunder n3600QX (S4987),
Tyan Computers Tiger i7525 (S2672ANR),
Uniwide UniServer 1412,
Uniwide UniServer 1522,
Uniwide UniServer 1524,
Uniwide UniServer 2524,
Uniwide UniServer 2528,
Uniwide UniServer 3526,
Uniwide UniWorkstation 5528,
Uniwide UniWorkstation 5548,

Infineon 1GB PC2-3200R