ELPIDA 1GB DDR PC2100R ECC Registered SERVER Memory Ram
  • ELPIDA 1GB DDR PC2100R ECC Registered SERVER Memory Ram

ELPIDA 1GB DDR PC2100R ECC Registered SERVER Memory Ram

GST included

ELPIDA 1GB DDR PC2100 ECC Registered SERVER Memory Ram


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PC2100 (266MHz)




266MHz (DDR266)










Low Profile for 1U Servers




184-pin DDR


Double-sided 1GB DDR module


Anti-Static packaging


Lifetime warranty


Some Compatibility List:

ABIT AB-5200 Server,

ABIT AB-5250 Server,


ABIT SI-2P Motherboard,

ABIT SI-2P+ Motherboard,

ABIT SI-2Pa Motherboard,

ABIT SI-2Ps Motherboard,

ABIT WI-2P/WI-2Pa Motherboard,

AOpen AX4S Plus-U Motherboard,

AOpen AX4S-U Motherboard,

AOpen DXPS Motherboard,

AOpen Fortress 1120 Series,

ASUS/ASmobile A7M266 Motherboard,

ASUS/ASmobile A7M266-D Motherboard,

ASUS/ASmobile AP1700/AP1700-S5 Server,

ASUS/ASmobile AP1710-S5 Server,

ASUS/ASmobile AW171 Server,

ASUS/ASmobile NRL-LS Motherboard,

ASUS/ASmobile NRL-LS533 Motherboard,

ASUS/ASmobile PP-DLW Motherboard,

ASUS/ASmobile PR-DL533/PR-DL533-Rack Motherboard,

ASUS/ASmobile PR-DLS Motherboard,

ASUS/ASmobile PR-DLS533 Motherboard,

ASUS/ASmobile PR-DLS533-Rack Motherboard,

ASUS/ASmobile PR-DLSW Motherboard,

ASUS/ASmobile PRL-DLS Motherboard,

ASUS/ASmobile PRL-DLS533 Motherboard,

ASUS/ASmobile PU-DL Motherboard,

ASUS/ASmobile PU-DLS Motherboard,

ASUS/ASmobile SK8N Motherboard,

ASUS/ASmobile SK8V Motherboard,

Arima/Rioworks HDAMA Motherboard,

Arima/Rioworks LV300 Motherboard,

Arima/Rioworks PDPEA Motherboard,

Arima/Rioworks PDPLA Motherboard,

Arima/Rioworks PDPLB Motherboard,

Arima/Rioworks PDRCA Motherboard,

Arima/Rioworks PURCA Motherboard,

DFI AK76-SN Motherboard,

Dell PowerEdge 1600SC,

Dell PowerEdge 1750,

Dell PowerEdge 2600/2650,

Dell PowerEdge 3250,

Dell PowerEdge 4600,

Dell PowerEdge 600SC,

Dell PowerEdge 650,

Dell PowerEdge 6600/6650,

Dell PowerEdge 7250,

Dell PowerVault 725N,

Dell PowerVault 770N/775N,

EliteGroup (ECS) L7VMM Motherboard,

Epox M762A Motherboard,

Gigabyte GA-7DX Motherboard,

Gigabyte GA-7DX+/GA-7DXE/GA-7DXR+ Motherboards,

Gigabyte GA-7DXC Motherboard,

Gigabyte GA-7DXR Motherboard,

Gigabyte GA-8EGXDR Motherboard,

Gigabyte GA-8EGXDR-E Motherboard,

Gigabyte GA-8EGXDR-EC Motherboard,

Gigabyte GA-8EGXDR-EL Motherboard,

Gigabyte GA-8EGXR Motherboard,

Gigabyte GA-8EGXR-C Motherboard,

Gigabyte GA-8EGXRP-EC Motherboard,

Gigabyte GA-8EGXRP/GA-8EGXRP-E Motherboard,

Gigabyte GA-8IPXDR Motherboard,

Gigabyte GA-8IPXDR-C Motherboard,

Gigabyte GA-8IPXDR-E Motherboard,

Gigabyte GA-8IPXDR-EC Motherboard,

Gigabyte GA-9ILDR Motherboard,

Gigabyte GA-9IVDTH Motherboard,

Gigabyte GS-SR195V Motherboard,

Gigabyte GS-SR222 Server,

Gigabyte GS-SR222E Server,

Gigabyte GS-SR326E Server,

HP Proliant BL20p G2,

HP Proliant BL30p,

HP Proliant BL40p,

HP Proliant DL360 G3,

HP Proliant DL380 G3,

HP Proliant DL560,

HP Proliant DL585,

HP Proliant ML150,

HP Proliant ML360 G3,

HP Proliant ML370 G3,

HP Proliant ML380 G3,

HP Proliant NAS b2000 v2,

HP Proliant NAS b3000 v2,

HP Proliant NAS b3000,

HP Proliant StorageWorks NAS b2000,

Hewlett Packard ML150 G3 SERVER,

Hewlett Packard Server TC2120,

IBM IntelliStation Z Pro Xeon 6221-xxx,

IBM eServer xSeries 225 SMP (8647, 8649-xxx),

IBM eServer xSeries 235 (8671-xxx),

IBM eServer xSeries 235 (NX71xxx),

IBM eServer xSeries 335 (8676-xxx),

IBM eServer xSeries 335 (8830-xxx),

IBM eServer xSeries 335 (NX76xxx),

IBM eServer xSeries 343 (Xeon) (8847-xxx),

IBM eServer xSeries 345 (8670-F1X, K1X, L1X, M1X),

IBM eServer xSeries 345 (8670-xxx),

IBM eServer xSeries 345 (NX70xxx),

IBM eServer xSeries 365 (8861, 8862-xxx),

IBM eServer xSeries 382 (8834-xxx),

IBM eServer xSeries 445 (8870-xxx),

IBM eServer xSeries 445 (NX7Rxxx),

IBM eServer xSeries 450 (8688-xxx),

IBM eServer xSeries 455 (8855-xxx),

IBM eServer xSeries BladeCenter HS20 (8678, 8832-xxx),

IBM eServer xSeries BladeCenter HS40 (8839-xxx),

Intel SE7320SP2 Server,

Intel SE7320VP2 Server,

Intel SE7500CW2 Server,

Intel SE7500WV2 Server,

Intel SE7501BR2 Server,

Intel SE7501CW2 Server,

Intel SE7501HG2 Server,

Intel SE7501WV2 Server,

Intel SE7505VB2 Server,

Intel SE7520BD2 Server (DDR1),

Intel SE7520JR2 (DDR1) Server,

Intel SE7525GP2 Server,

Intel SHG2 Server,

Intel SR1450 (DDR1) Server,

Intel SR870BH2 Server,

Intel SR870BN4 Server,

Intel SRSH4/SPSH4 Server,

Intel TIGPR2U Carrier Grade Server,

Iwill DK8-HTX Motherboard,

Iwill DK88 Motherboard,

Iwill DK8ES Motherboard,

Iwill DK8EW Motherboard,

Iwill DK8N Motherboard,

Iwill DK8S Motherboard,

Iwill DK8S2 Motherboard,

Iwill DK8S2-SATA Motherboard,

Iwill DK8X Motherboard,

Iwill DNS / DNS-L / DNS-SATA Motherboard,

Iwill DPX Motherboard,

Iwill DPX-L/DPX Lite Motherboards,

Iwill H2101 Server,

Iwill H2103 Server,

Iwill H2104 Server,

Iwill H2105 Server,

Iwill H2107 Server,

Iwill H2B (H2B01) Blade Server,

Iwill H2B02 2P Infiniband Server,

Iwill MPX2 Motherboard,

Iwill SK64N Workstation,

Iwill TK64X Workstation,

Iwill UPX Motherboard,

Leo Server 8150,

Leo Server 8250,

Leo Server 8251,

Leo Server 8450M,

Leo Server 8451M,

Leo Server 9500/SQ4,

Leo Server 9500/SQ4R,

MPC/Micron NetFRAME NF 3620,

MPC/Micron NetFRAME NF 620,

MPC/Micron NetFRAME NF1600,

MPC/Micron NetFRAME NF1620,

MPC/Micron NetFRAME NF2600,

MPC/Micron NetFRAME NF2620,

MPC/Micron NetFRAME NF3600,

MPC/Micron NetFRAME NF3610,

MPC/Micron NetFRAME NF6500,

MSI E7320 Master / E7320 Master-S / E7320 Master-A2 Motherboard,

MSI E7500 Master-LS (MS-9101),

MSI E7501 Master-FS2M/E7501 Master-FS2/E7501 Master-FRM/E7501 Master-FR,

MSI E7501 Master-L (MS-9138-L),

MSI E7501 Master-LR2 (MS-9125-LR),

MSI E7501 Master-LS2 (MS-9138),

MSI E7501 Master-LSR2 (MS-9125),

MSI E7505 Master-LS2 (MS-9121),

MSI E7505 Master2-F/E7505 Master2-FL (MS-9141),

MSI E7520 Master S2M Motherboard,

MSI K8N Master2-FAR Motherboard,

MSI K8T Master1-FAR (MS-9130),

MSI K8T Master2-FAR (MS-9130),

MSI K8T Master2-FAR7 Motherboard,

MSI MS-9133 (MS-9133),

MSI MS-9204 Server,

MSI MS-9206 Series MS-9206-R/MS-9206-S Server,

MSI MS-9214 Server,

MSI X1-1000 Server (MS-9206),

MSI X2-102 Series X102S3R / X102S3R2 Server,

MSI X2-102 Series X2-102A2R / X2-102A2R2 Server,

MSI X2-103 Series Server,

MSI X2-2000 Server (MS-9214),

MSI X2-201 Series Server,

MiTAC Chilai 2100,

MiTAC Chilai2000 Server,

MiTAC Maryang2000 Server,

MiTAC Scorpio 1010 4U,

MiTAC Taiping 2100,

MiTAC Takao 7000 Server,

PARS Endurance 2300R,

PARS Endurance 5200R,

PARS Endurance 5250ESR,

PARS Endurance SE7500CW2-R,

PARS Endurance SE7501HG,

Supermicro A+ Server AS1010P-8 (AS-1010P-8),

Supermicro A+ Server AS1010P-8R (AS-1010P-8R),

Supermicro A+ Server AS1010P-T (AS-1010P-T),

Supermicro A+ Server AS1010P-TR (AS-1010P-TR),

Supermicro A+ Server AS1020A-8 (AS-1020A-8),

Supermicro A+ Server AS1020A-T (AS-1020A-T),

Supermicro A+ Server AS1020C-3 (AS-1020C-3),

Supermicro A+ Server AS1020P-8 (AS-1020P-8),

Supermicro A+ Server AS1020P-8R (AS-1020P-8R),

Supermicro A+ Server AS1020P-T (AS-1020P-T),

Supermicro A+ Server AS1020P-TR (AS-1020P-TR),

Supermicro A+ Server AS1020S-8 (AS-1020S-8),

Supermicro A+ Server AS1040C-8 (AS-1040C-8),

Supermicro A+ Server AS1040C-T (AS-1040C-T),

Supermicro A+ Server AS2020A-8R (AS-2020A-8R),

Supermicro A+ Server AS4020A-8R (AS-4020A-8R),

Supermicro A+ Server AS4040C-8R (AS-4040C-8R),

Supermicro A+ Server AS4040C-TR (AS-4040C-TR),

Supermicro A+ Workstation AW4020C-T (AW-4020C-T),

Supermicro H8DA8/H8DAE Motherboards,

Supermicro H8DAR-8/H8DAR-i Motherboards,

Supermicro H8DAR-T/H8DAR-E Motherboards,

Supermicro H8DC8 Motherboard,

Supermicro H8DCE Motherboard,

Supermicro H8DCE-HTe Motherboard,

Supermicro H8DCR-3 Motherboard,

Supermicro H8DCR-i Motherboard,

Supermicro H8DCi Motherboard,

Supermicro H8DSL-HTi Motherboard,

Supermicro H8DSP-8 Motherboard,

Supermicro H8DSP-i Motherboard,

Supermicro H8DSR-8 Motherboard,

Supermicro H8DSR-i Motherboard,

Supermicro H8QC8 Motherboard,

Supermicro H8QC8+ Motherboard,

Supermicro H8QCE Motherboard,

Supermicro H8QCE+ Motherboard,

Supermicro H8SSP-8 Motherboard,

Supermicro H8SSP-i Motherboard,

Supermicro P4DE8/P4DEI/P4DEE Motherboard,

Supermicro P4DL6 Motherboard,

Supermicro P4DLR + Motherboard,

Supermicro P4DLR Motherboard,

Supermicro P4DMS-6GM/P4DME-M Motherboard,

Supermicro P4DP6/P4DPE/ P4DP8-G2/P4DPE-G2,

Supermicro P4DPL-M/P4DPL-8GM/P4DPL-iGM Motherboard,

Supermicro P4DPR Motherboard,

Supermicro P4DPR-6GM+/P4DPR-8G2+ Motherboard,

Supermicro P4DPR-iGM/ P4DPR-IG2(OEM) Motherboard,

Supermicro P4DPi-G2 Motherboard,

Supermicro P4DS6/P4DS8/P4DSE Motherboards,

Supermicro P4QH8/P4QH6 Motherboard,

Supermicro SuperServer 5013S-8 (SYS-5013-S8),

Supermicro SuperServer 5013S-i (SYS-5013-Si),

Supermicro SuperServer 6012L-6 (SYS-6012-L6),

Supermicro SuperServer 6012P-6 (SYS-6012-P6),

Supermicro SuperServer 6012P-8 (SYS-6012-P8),

Supermicro SuperServer 6012P-i (SYS-6012-Pi),

Supermicro SuperServer 6013E-i (SYS-6013-Ei),

Supermicro SuperServer 6014A-8 (SYS-6014A-8),

Supermicro SuperServer 6014H-8 (SYS-6014H-8),

Supermicro SuperServer 6014H-T (SYS-6014H-T),

Supermicro SuperServer 6014H-X8 (SYS-6014H-X8),

Supermicro SuperServer 6014H-Xi (SYS-6014H-Xi),

Supermicro SuperServer 6014H-i (SYS-6014H-i),

Supermicro SuperServer 6014P-8/R/RB (SYS-6014P-8/R/RB),

Supermicro SuperServer 6014P-T (SYS-6014P-T),

Supermicro SuperServer 6014P-TR (SYS-6014P-TR),

Supermicro SuperServer 6014V-M4 (SYS-6014V-M4),

Supermicro SuperServer 6022L-6 (SYS-6022-L6),

Supermicro SuperServer 6022P-6 (SYS-6022-P6),

Supermicro SuperServer 6022P-8 (SYS-6022-P8),

Supermicro SuperServer 6022P-8R (SYS-6022-P8R),

Supermicro SuperServer 6022P-i (SYS-6022-Pi),

Supermicro SuperServer 6024H-8R (SYS-6024H-8R),

Supermicro SuperServer 6024H-T (SYS-6024H-T),

Supermicro SuperServer 6024H-TR (SYS-6024H-TR),

Supermicro SuperServer 6024H-i (SYS-6024H-i),

Supermicro SuperServer 7042M-6 (SYS-7042-M6),

Supermicro SuperServer 7042P-8R (SYS-7042-P8R),

Supermicro SuperServer 7042S-i (SYS-7042-Si),

Supermicro SuperServer 7044H-T (SYS-7044H-T),

Supermicro SuperServer 7044H-TR (SYS-7044H-TR),

Supermicro SuperServer 8042-6 (SYS-8042-6),

Supermicro SuperServer 8042-8 (SYS-8042-8),

Supermicro SuperServer 8052-6,

Supermicro SuperServer 8052-8,

Supermicro SuperWorkstation 7033A-T (SYS-7033A-T),

Supermicro SuperWorkstation 7034A-i (SYS-7034A-i),

Supermicro SuperWorkstation 7043A-i (SYS-7043A-i),

Supermicro SuperWorkstation 7044A-8 (SYS-7044A-8),

Supermicro SuperWorkstation 7044A-i (SYS-7044A-i),

Supermicro X5DAL-G Motherboard,

Supermicro X5DAL-TG2 Motherboard,

Supermicro X5DE8-GG/X5DEI/X5DEi-GG/X5DEE Motherboards,

Supermicro X5DPA-8GG Motherboards,

Supermicro X5DPA-G/X5DPA-GG/X5DPA-TGM/X5DPA-TGM+ Motherboards,

Supermicro X5SS8/X5SS8-GM/X5SSE-G/X5SSE-GM Motherboards,

Supermicro X6DA8-G Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DAE-G Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DAL-G Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DAL-TG Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DAL-XG Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DAL-XTG Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DAR-8G Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DAR-iG Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DAT-G Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DAi-G Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DH8-G Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DH8-XB Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DHE-G Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DHE-XB Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DHP-8G Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DHP-TG Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DHP-iG Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DHR-8G Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DHR-TB Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DHR-TG Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DHR-X8G Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DHR-XiG Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DHR-iB Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DHR-iG Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DVA-4G Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DVA-EG Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DVA-TG Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DVA-iG Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DVL-EG Motherboard,

Supermicro X6DVL-G Motherboard,

Tyan Computers M4881 Expansion Board,

Tyan Computers Thunder GC-HE (S4520),

Tyan Computers Thunder GC-HE Pro (S4521),

Tyan Computers Thunder K7 (S2462) UNG/NGM,

Tyan Computers Thunder K7X (S2468),

Tyan Computers Thunder K7X Pro (S2469),

Tyan Computers Thunder K8HM (S3892),

Tyan Computers Thunder K8HR (S3891),

Tyan Computers Thunder K8QE (S4885),

Tyan Computers Thunder K8QS (S4880),

Tyan Computers Thunder K8QS Pro (S4882),

Tyan Computers Thunder K8QSD Pro (S4882-D),

Tyan Computers Thunder K8QW (S4881),

Tyan Computers Thunder K8S Pro (S2882),

Tyan Computers Thunder K8S/K8X (S2880),

Tyan Computers Thunder K8SD Pro (S2882-D),

Tyan Computers Thunder K8SE (S2892),

Tyan Computers Thunder K8SR (S2881),

Tyan Computers Thunder K8SRE (S2891),

Tyan Computers Thunder K8SSA (S3870),

Tyan Computers Thunder K8W (S2885),

Tyan Computers Thunder K8WE (S2895),

Tyan Computers Thunder i7500 (S2720),

Tyan Computers Thunder i7500 Pro (S2721),

Tyan Computers Thunder i7501 (S2720-533),

Tyan Computers Thunder i7501 Pro (S2721-533),

Tyan Computers Thunder i7501 Xtreme (S2726),

Tyan Computers Thunder i7520 (S5360),

Tyan Computers Thunder i7520D,

Tyan Computers Thunder i7520R (S5360-1U),

Tyan Computers Thunder i7520RD (S5360-D-1U),

Tyan Computers Tiger GC-SL (S2727),

Tyan Computers Tiger K8S (S2870),

Tyan Computers Tiger K8W (S2875),

Tyan Computers Tiger K8WE (S2877),

Tyan Computers Tiger K8WS (S2875S),

Tyan Computers Tiger MP (S2460),

Tyan Computers Tiger MPX (S2466),

Tyan Computers Tiger i7320 (S5350G2NR),

Tyan Computers Tiger i7320D (S5350-D),

Tyan Computers Tiger i7320R (S5350G2NR-1U),

Tyan Computers Tiger i7320RD (S5350-D-1U),

Tyan Computers Tiger i7322 (S5351G3NR),

Tyan Computers Tiger i7500 (S2722),

Tyan Computers Tiger i7501 (S2723),

Tyan Computers Tiger i7501R (S2735),

Tyan Computers Tiger i7501S (S2725),

Tyan Computers Tiger i7501X (S3022),

Tyan Computers Tomcat K8S (S2850),

Tyan Computers Transport FX27 (B4520T4SR),

Tyan Computers Transport GT20 (B3870),

Tyan Computers Transport GT20 (B5350),

Tyan Computers Transport GT24 (B2881),

Tyan Computers Transport GT24 (B2891G24),

Tyan Computers Transport GT24 (B5363G24),

Tyan Computers Transport GX21 (B2735),

Tyan Computers Transport GX21 (B5350),

Tyan Computers Transport GX28 (B2880T1S),

Tyan Computers Transport GX28 (B2881/B2882),

Tyan Computers Transport TA26 (B2882T26),

Tyan Computers Transport TA26 (B2892T26),

Tyan Computers Transport TA26 (B3892),

Tyan Computers Transport TX28 (B2880),

Tyan Computers Transport TX46 (B4881/B4882),

Tyan Computers Transport VX50 (B4881),

Tyan Computers Trinity GC-SL (S2707),

StorageWorks NAS 2000, NAS b2000, NAS b2000 v2, NAS b3000, NAS b3000 v2.


Elpida 1GB PC2100R